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6832 S Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60636
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Dave Yerkes
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I called on a Monday and was given a Thursday morning appointment. I explained that the gas company was coming on Thursday to install a gas meter and they said I would need some pipes rerouted and that I needed a plumber to do that. I was told to call back with a time for the gas company. They told me it would be in the morning. Well I told Yerkes that and was told to call back. I call Thursday morning to tell Yerkes that the gas company was on the way. I was told to call when they arrive so they could talk to the installer. When they arrived I call again and was told that the plumber would be there within an hour. The clerk did talk to peoples gas. The plumber never showed up and I was told it was my fault that I didn't call back. I made all the phone calls I needed to make and more. Besides the clerk talked to the installer. During the conversation I was also told that there would be a $155 service charge. I did not ask in the beginning and was not told about the service charge. Although they say free estimates. That is not the problem. The problem was that they sent the plumber somewhere else when I was next on the list. Then told me it would be Monday before they could schedule me again. At this point peoples gas has the gas turned off all of this equipment laying on the ground to be installed. I did get an apology after making it seem it was my fault that the plumber did not show up. I see today the truck is two doors from me working. I read the reviews is why I chose this company. I guess I am the unlucky one. I am just one but I will not be recommending them.