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6395 Cypress Gardens Blvd
Winter Haven, FL 33884
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Joe Wagner
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I can't believe a Honda dealership ripped me off this badly. I was promised a "Q-Certified" car with a warranty that would "cover any problems." The car turned out to have a bad transmission and the paint is now falling off. Also, the brakes had to be replaced, the rear control arms had to be replaced, the front control arm bushings had to be replaced, the battery cable had to be replaced, the driver's door is a different shade than the rest of the car, a hidden burn hole in the driver's seat was discovered, the car pulls to one side and the dealer refused to fix all of it except the battery cable and control arm bushings and both of those took an argument to achieve. I have also witnessed them doing bait and switch on a Honda fit. One salesman told me the best way to buy a Civic from them is to lease it because they "jack the price up on the used Civics to make a huge profit." Not to mention they add an average of $1,500 market price adjustment to almost every MSRP on the lot. This is the worst experience we have ever encountered with any car dealership. I would just say stay away. They sometimes seem friendly until they make the sale and then it is a complete 180 becoming rude, disagreeable and refusing to fix problems even under warranty.