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641 N Main St., P.O. 250
Roanoke, IN 46783
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Rev. Dale Bauman

Mass Times


Saturday: 4:00 pm

Sunday: 7:30 am

Sunday: 9:15 am
Mass at St. Catherine

Sunday: 11:00 am


Monday: 8:00 am

Tuesday: 8:00 am

Wednesday: 8:00 am

Thursday: 6:00 - 7:00 pm
No Thursday morning Mass at St. Joseph. See Bulletin for evening Mass and Location.

Friday: 8:00 am


Saturday: 3:15 - 3:45 pm
Confession also by appointment.


Friday: 8:00 am
Holy Day -- 8:00am; Vigil/Holy Day/ -- See Bulletin.

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About St. Joseph Catholic Church - Roanoke IN - Roanoke, IN

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Our Parish, St. Joseph Roanoke, is committed to the calling of our faith by serving / volunteering for the various ministries and committee`s. Family participation is encouraged in all functions including Religious Education and Youth activities for the children.
The Church is open to all in passing for quiet time and prayer. If you are in the neighborhood, please stop in.
If you have any questions or choose to become a parishioner, please contact the Parish secretary.
Thank You and Good Day.

Parish activities at St. Joseph during the year:
Knit Crochet & Quilt, Religious Education, Rosary meeting, Christmas and Easter Choir Practice, Parish Life meetings, Adoration days, Men`s Group meetings, Arise Prayer Groups and the Roanoke Fall Festival. See Bulletin for activity, time and location.

Parish activities at St. Catherine during the year:
Religious Education, Harmony Club, Coffee and Donuts after Mass, Rosary meeting and Parish Council meetings. See Bulletin for activity, time and Location.

For Parish on-line giving, go to the "Our Sunday Visitor " website at: www.osvonlinegiving.com/4648
If additional assistance is required, please contact the parish secretary at (260) 672-2838.

If you have any questions or additions in reference to the website, please email: robert.schneider70@yahoo.co.uk
Thank You,
Bob Schneider

You Did It for Me

English Version
Fatuma Ali Sali is a mother of eight who is facing the worst drought in 50 years in Ethiopia. She is one of nearly half a million people participating in a CRS project to help ride out the drought. The project helps people use new practices and technologies to counter the devastating effects of higher temperatures, prolonged drought and soil erosion.

Learn more at: crs.org/you-did-it-for-me

Spanish Version
Fatuma Ali Sali es una madre de ocho hijos que se enfrenta a la peor sequía en 50 años en Etiopía. Ella es una de los casi medio millón de personas que participan en un proyecto de CRS para ayudar a sobrellevar la sequía. El proyecto ayuda a las personas a utilizar nuevas prácticas y tecnologías para contrarrestar los efectos devastadores de las temperaturas más altas, la prolongada sequía y la erosión del suelo.

Para obtener más información visite: crs.org/you-did-it-for-me (en inglés).


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