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PO Box 202348
Denver, CO 80220
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Larry Rushton
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I came home to my house in the Sloans Lake neighborhood on May 21st and found 3 of my trees that were decades old and 30 feet tall cut to the stump! Rushton Tree Service workers came into my yard and slaughtered my perfectly fine trees, took away my shade and privacy, without even as much as knocking on my door to ask. I never heard of Rushton Tree Service before this date! I called Michelle at Rushton and left messages with her. No one has ever called me back. I had to get a lawyer. Rushton told him that the trees were on Denver city property. I know they are not, so I had to pay for a survey that shows the trees on my property. They now say I meet with them and ok'ed the destruction of my trees. I am not sure what is more upsetting, the trees being cut, or the cover up attempt. If you see Rushton Tree Company in your area, make sure they do not come into your yard and cut down your trees. It sucks.