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2019 W Rascher Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
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Bill Nestos
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I realize that people writing reviews for a tow truck company that probably just got their car towed are going to give a poor review....but that's not why i am writing this review. If you are a COMPANY looking to hire these guys....please look somewhere else as they will bring nothing but headaches to your business and the tenants you have. I parked in the back of my residential building for 2 minutes like usual when bringing up groceries. No issues ever until today. As I was coming down the stairs I see the tow truck lifting my car up which by the way is an exotic car. It cannot be towed without a flatbed truck or damage will occur. Sure enough I was trying to chase down the tow truck to explain, but he continued dragging my front end of the car on the pavement (car is rear engine RWD). If you want to tow my car after 2 minutes of being parked in a place not blocking anyone and reserved for typcially for people loading stuff (although there is no loading sign as my building is going to be getting one) ....fine....but you should be using a flat bed and not willing to damage a car just to get a tow. Very unprofessional. I am willing to pay the $198 but not willing to pay thousands in repair due to negligence.