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I would not recommend anyone go with R & R Plumbing. We some pluming problems and called them to come out for an estimate. The plumber they sent was rude, only looked at the most minor problem we had called the company to look at (a leaky toilet) before insisting that he would have to come back to provide an estimate for the other problems, lied about being unable to get replacement parts for said toilet, and then proceeded to charge us over $40 for a 10 minute assessment and absolutely no work.

The toilet in question was an American Standard and the plumber insisted that the company, "Doesn't stand by their products." He went outside to call his boss, the owner of the company, who told him that they had no replacement parts in stock and would have to order them which would cost around $100. Predictably the Plumber tried to sell us a new toilet, which he assured us the owner of R&R plumbing would give us a great deal on ($150) because he was, "a stand up guy."

Unsure of whether or not we wanted a new toilet or to fix the old one we thanked the plumber for his time at which time he told us that the charge for the estimate would be over $40. There had been no prior notice of any such charge. Though I know some companies do charge for estimates I have never encountered one that assesses such a charge without prior notice. As we just wanted the plumber, seemed more a used car salesman than an honest tradesman, out of our home, we wrote him a check and sent him on his way.

Generally suspicious of what we were told we went online and did some research. We found the replacement parts we needed for $22.13, a far cry from the $100 we were told they would cost. Curious as to how far the plumber’s lies went we called American Standard, the company that made the toilet. Within five minutes their representative had apologized for the failure of the product and had shipped us the necessary parts for the repair at no charge. So much for a company that doesn’t stand behind their product.

I don’t know if the plumbers at R&R are skilled in their trade, but I do know that if you want a company that is good with customer service, and more importantly has some honesty and integrity, then keep looking because you won’t find it with R&R.