Paul Kollmann Monuments

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1403 E Minnesota St
Saint Joseph, MN 56374
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Paul Kollmann
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5 Stars
By Visitor
I'm very happy with this business. Not only does this company do beautiful work, they do so at a much lower cost. I was shocked at the prices - they were nearly half the cost of the other monument companies. Not only did I find Paul to be very knowledgeable, he was also very professional.
1 Star
By Visitor
I recieved a letter in the mail from this company after laying my 20 day old daughter to rest. We hadn't contacted the business. When I called and asked how they got our name, address, and information, they admitted to doing an internet search through the obituaries to find business. They also believe that it is ok ways to find business by doing these internet searches. I find it highly offensive and very leech like.
If you are ok with them using internet searches and cruising through the obituaries to find business, then this is the place to go. If you want an honest to God place to get your monuments and headstones, I HIGHLY suggest Little Falls Granite Works Phone number is (320) 632-9277. They have done BEAUTIFUL work for everyone in my family.