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304 E 264th St
Euclid, OH 44132
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Larry Brown
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On my way home from work, an employee of Patriot Painting and Construction targeted me in a road rage incident. After checking to make sure the lane was clear and using my turn signal, I moved into the inside lane of SOM Center road at I-90 to avoid the construction in the right lane. Because the Patriot driver was visibly using his phone and not paying attention, he did not see my motorcycle and came close to rear ending me. He immediately blared his horn and flipped me off. When traffic started moving, he repeatedly got as close to my rear tire as he could without hitting me and blared his horn. At one intersection, he actually pulled up beside me instead of staying behind me. When he finally turned off, he stopped next to me in the left turn lane and gave me the finger again. Throughout the entire incident, he was one his phone--I could clearly see him holding it in his right hand.

This kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable. If this is how Patriot employees behave while driving, imagine what they will do in your home.