Northfield Inn

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3260 Northfield Dr
Springfield, IL 62702
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Bill Hahn
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Northfield Inn & Suites

This hotel is nasty. Anyone who had a function here before 6/1/13 would be disgusted if they knew the condition of the kitchen, who prepped their food, how the food was prepared, and how the sales team talked about the client when they werent around.. There was mold throughout the kitchen, in the coolers, on shelves, and in the freezer. Outdated food and beer. Food was prepped with dirty fans blowing over it on top of moldy tables that had to be powerwashed. The kitchen was infested with gnats. Maggots fell from the ceiling in a meeting room. Cob webs throughout the hotel. Food was stored on the floor. Employees were allowed to work while intoxicated and when they were sick. Nasty place.