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Dr. Eugenia Kardaris
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Head for the hills! I was aghast at this place's billing and sales practices. First things first – 4 ½ hours to have a cleaning and a few cavities filled. I was there so long that my novocaine had to be done twice, since the procedure was stopped half way through for seemingly no good reason. When you walk into this dental office, they present you with the typical list of papers and demand that you pay up front. This should have been a red alert to me, as only shoddy workmen tend to insist on payment up front. I was presented with a “Treatment Plan” that included a host of procedures that I did not consent to, nor did I ask about. I rejected all but the cavity fillings and was given their rate and the rate that my insurance was willing to contribute. After looking it over I paid the sum that was due from me. Once the cleaning/treatment started, I seriously felt like I was in an hour long infomercial. They tried to sell me a $120 toothbrush, a $400/year retainer service, and some other nonsense that I simply didn’t pay attention to. After this unbelievable display of salesmanship, I was taken to have my cavities filled. This process was a nightmare for the reasons already stated. After the procedure, I was done, or so I thought. First, it took a solid 10 minutes (making the trip take 4 hrs and 40 minutes) for them to get their paperwork done. When their paperwork was completed, they informed me that I had to be billed again because they had a “system error” that missed 50% of the bill (another $170 lost and gone). Note also that they botched the estimated insurance contribution, so that is going to end up costing me another $261.20 (over 50% off this time). I’m also really appreciating the fact that she uses expensive composite color matching filling to fill in cavities that are all the way in the back of your mouth that are impossible to see without x-rays and mirrors. Even more, I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t tell you that she is using that composite material and that there are alternatives that cost ¼ the amount. Unless you’re into predictably bad service that is outlandishly expensive, I would encourage you to stay far, far away.