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1 Star
By Visitor
Ordered inside at 4:01 got order at 4:19. Your employee gave my order to another customer. He went over to him and took my meal away from him after he was eating the fries and handed it to me. My comment “I’m not eating that!” Your employee didn’t apologize but I won’t be back to your McDonald’s. I can eat cheaper at other fast food places. ☹️
1 Star
By Visitor
Just left the drive through at the Big Lake, MN. Location.
330 Jefferson Blvd. 7/9/2021 @7:12 AM
Receipt #1384.
Went through the DT and ordered a #1 which is a Egg/Sausage Mc Muffin meal. Decided on a milk this morning.
And this is what I had received.
Egg/Ham McMuffin--Wrong
And my Milk-- The Plastic Container, the Cap did not have the seal on it and someone had drank about half of container worth.
Hey, they did get the Hash Brown Right.
And of course, I was about 5 miles down the road before opening the meal.
$6.42 waste of money and my time.
I go through this DT 2-3 times a week with a surprise almost everytime.
The half of container of milk with the seal broken is the final straw.
I request a response and what actions will be taken.
Win me back because the Kwik Trip across the road with their hot breakfast items are looking a whole lot better.
1 Star
By Visitor
I believe this could be a health issue. Managment has not got back to me and I might have to contact health department about a substance that was in a breakfast meal I ordered.
1 Star
By Visitor
No stars!!! I had ordered a plain cheese burger meal along with a number of other items. I had asked the attendant to ensure the cheese burgers were plain and was answered with " that is what it says here". I had received completely the wrong order which wasn't realized until I started pulling away from the DT window. I came to the front door to bring this to the attention of the staff and was met with a woman who greeted me rudely which started the conversation on the wrong foot. I pointed out to her that the order was wrong and answered "sir I am not going to help you if you are going to shove your food in my face". I was asked what my order was and she returned in less than a minute and threw my order at me and shut the door leaving me with both orders. I got home to find that my plain cheese burgers didn't have any cheese and all the food was cold. Total waste of my lunch dollars. Shameful!!
1 Star
By Visitor
Placed a mobile order with a deal of buy one Big Mac get one for $0.25, received a confirmation with a code. My son planned to pick it up as he was already in town. He gave them my confirmation code and they said they did not have any order. He then needed to reorder it and did not get the deal. What is the point of mobile ordering if it doesn't work when you want it?