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Elk River, MN 55330
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Brienna Rogers
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1 Star
By Visitor
I believe this could be a health issue. Managment has not got back to me and I might have to contact health department about a substance that was in a breakfast meal I ordered.
1 Star
By Visitor
No stars!!! I had ordered a plain cheese burger meal along with a number of other items. I had asked the attendant to ensure the cheese burgers were plain and was answered with " that is what it says here". I had received completely the wrong order which wasn't realized until I started pulling away from the DT window. I came to the front door to bring this to the attention of the staff and was met with a woman who greeted me rudely which started the conversation on the wrong foot. I pointed out to her that the order was wrong and answered "sir I am not going to help you if you are going to shove your food in my face". I was asked what my order was and she returned in less than a minute and threw my order at me and shut the door leaving me with both orders. I got home to find that my plain cheese burgers didn't have any cheese and all the food was cold. Total waste of my lunch dollars. Shameful!!
1 Star
By Visitor
Placed a mobile order with a deal of buy one Big Mac get one for $0.25, received a confirmation with a code. My son planned to pick it up as he was already in town. He gave them my confirmation code and they said they did not have any order. He then needed to reorder it and did not get the deal. What is the point of mobile ordering if it doesn't work when you want it?
1 Star
By Visitor
I ordered my usual meal today and it was almost $7.00 and when I questioned the cashier she had no idea. Looking at the receipt she had rung it up wrong and wouldn't change it. So I talked to a so called manager and he refunded me $1.78 but I still paid more than normal for my meal. The food has gone down and no one cares at this location.
1 Star
By Visitor
was discriminated against and lied on 2 x 2 days straight. I will sue for refusing to wait on me after I ordered and waited. After a 7 minute wait, the young man who has always act racist came to window, saying he need a manager. The same red head who is married to Evan came to window stating they were not waiting on me. Few days prior too, I ordered a frappe, get about 15 a week. I use my mccafe award. It was wrong. I asked to remake, so she refunded me in cash instead of a card with a nasty attitude. So I didn't accept. I stopped tonight and placed my order and she said she was told not to wait on me. I will sue for discrimination. Because orders are constantly wrong folks rude we patronized the location. So we spend over 80.00 a week and a employee because of her hatred or pure laziness to correct a order refuses to wait on me, why because I black. Because she didn't know how to add my reward back on my card.