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16843 Q St
Omaha, NE 68135
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Beth Soulliere DVM
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Yesterday, my parents called Mission Village as our cat, who had been a part of our family for 17 years, had fallen terminally ill and was suffering beyond repair. The clinic was completely dismissive (to their 13-year customers), and at first claimed they were too busy to do anything for them. After elaborating on the dire situation, they told my parents to bring her in and they would try to squeeze her in between appointments.

Now it is pretty standard practice to ensure that owners are with their pets, who have become members of their families, in the very sad circumstances when a pet must be put down. Yet when my parents arrived with our cat, the clinic took her and turned my parents away, telling them they were too busy and had no idea when they would be able to see our cat. Now I wish my sweet parents were a little more adamant or confrontational with these completely inconsiderate employees, which can be difficult in emotional moments, but my mother asked for them to at least call and give them a chance to be present.

After waiting all day for the phone call, my mother finally called the clinic and was told they put our cat down a long time ago, with no family present. And to be more specific, only 20 minutes after they brought her in. They also try to sell emotional clients on a story of cremation and the spreading of ashes in a special field...for a mere $100+. With how little regard they have for their clients and animals, I highly doubt they are taking extra steps to care for the remains and process with which they are handled, and instead capitalize on emotional clients.

It is disgraceful to think that anyone is trusting this place to care for their animals in health, or otherwise, when in the last moments of a pet's life they have the so little consideration for their clients or their animals. I really hope people will choose to take their business to other vets in the area, and show this clinic that this type of business is unacceptable.