Merrimack Valley Oral Surgeons

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88 Montvale Ave Ste 5
Stoneham, MA 02180
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Katie Ward
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By Visitor
The people at Merrimack Valley Oral Surgeons are very nice, especially dr. hornung
1 Star
By Visitor
Their surgeons are fine, but their office managers and billing practices are awful and actually very deceitful. Even though I have full medical coverage and two dental insurances, they made me pay their full fee for services. What is worst is that I paid for what they told me originally $402.50 for anesthesia that they said was ?able for coverage and while they had my son in the dental chair, mouth cut open (cyst) and on anesthesia, they asked him to pay an additional. $750. for a bone graph that he needed because the surgery was so extensive (even though I was right there in the waiting room). He told them to ask me! What they said to me was that I needed to pay this up front now or that he would have to come back and do it another time. Really!! Make him go through 2 surgical procedures and anesthesia because you were afraid you would not get paid from medical and 2 dental insurance companies!!! Now I find out that they are sending incorrect codes to the insurance companies. they send medical codes to the dentist and dental codes to the medical and when my insurance companies call them to get the correct codes, they never respond and they are always too busy to pick up the phone. Why should they care if they are billing the insurance companies correctly or answer them, they already have my money!! Very deceitful.