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200 W 98th St Ste 105
Bloomington, MN 55420
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Dr. Bruce A. Lindberg
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Website says first visit is free. Untrue. Billed for my first visit and everything is in network and paid 18.04 on a nice explanation of benefits sheet. Okay great don’t mind that. Then I receive another bill with no description of service performed, by them directly, for more money owed.. I called and told them I have proof to show that I submitted my claim and paid it on my HRA. He tells me to come in and show him. I get there and he could careless. I have my insurance company on the phone and they’re telling me I already have paid and not to pay them. He then tells me “I” need to call fulcrum health inc. who “they” bill through. Oh I need to? I have proof that you told me to show you but didn’t give me the time of day when I tried.

Unreal. Barely got 1 crack out of me. Go there maybe if you’re under 100 lbs and don’t mind the headache of new charges that don’t explain for what. then basically get talked by someone who thinks they’re immortal because he has a Dr in front of their name.