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24 Old Berwick Rd
Drums, PA 18222
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Gary Viechec
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Inconsiderate, unprofessional, and just plain rude. My husband was searching for a mechanic for his truck to take over from another mechanic who has been unable to fix it. Gary made an appointment to meet with that mechanic, and when my husband called Gary 24 hours later to confirm the appointment, Gary informed my husband that he did not want anyone using his equipment and would not be showing up for the appointment. My husband asked him why he couldn't have the decency to call him back and let him know this and Gary hung up on him. Now my husband is out another two days without his truck, trying to scramble to find another mechanic in that area, all due to Gary's rude and unprofessional behavior. If you can't handle a repair, just admit that it's over your head and don't use the excuse that you don't want someone using your equipment when you knew exactly what was needed and agreed to do it. At the very least, have the courtesy and professionalism to notify someone that you have no intentions of showing up for an appointment that you set.