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343 W 550 N
Orem, UT 84057
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Luisa Garrido
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Call Luisa if you need your house cleaned! I hired Luisa and her team to come clean my 2200 sq ft house we just bought. The house was a rental for the last 7+ years to college guys with pets. Needless to say, the place was a wreck. The toilets were black, the tubs were covered in dirt and grime and years of soap scum, all the walls were dirty from ceiling to floor, there were cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and in about every nook and cranny, spiders and spider webs in every corner of every window, cob webs hanging from the ceiling, filthy ceiling fans and blinds, and that's not to mention the smell in the house. It was one of those houses that just makes you feel like you need to go take a shower immediately after being there. Luisa and her team of 4 girls showed up and immediately got to work. They were all very professional, clean, and tidy looking. I knew my house was a big job, but in less than 3 hours I got a call saying they were about done. My husband and I went over to see the work and we were blown away at what they had accomplished. Upon walking into the house, it smelled wonderfully clean! I was so happy I gave Luisa a hug. The house looked amazing. Every ceiling, wall, nook, cranny, window, etc had been expertly cleaned. The spiders and cobwebs were gone, the ceiling fans sparkled. Best of all, the bathrooms look new again. The toilets didn't have so much as a shadow of a stain left. The bathtubs were polished and radiantly white. The linoleum and tile floors were scrubbed clean. Every drawer and cupboard had been opened and cleaned and wiped out. We were positively delighted with the result. The cost was more than worth it, she and her team saved us hours and hours of time we just don't have. Thank you Luisa! :D