Leak & Sons Funeral Home

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7838 S Cottage Grove Ave
Chicago, IL 60619
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Spencer Leak Jr
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2 Stars
By Visitor
This place starts off caring the closer you get to the service the ruder they get ... unfortunately I had 2 services for love ones a week apart . The first service was switched to the banquet hall across the street without notifying me and there was not usher or anything there I only and a visiting where was over 50 chairs and people were sitting in chairs when I got in the hall and they still had my flowers in another persons service across the street. The next service I had was the following week at the other location the tv was on in the lobby people were watch a game and cheering while the service was going on and my child was 4 shades darker then the picture I gave them his hair Follicles were all over the pillow in the casket and know they could’ve at least fixed his hair I had to fix it myself . Also several typos on the death certificates names misspelled incorrect addresses . This place has been a nightmare for me.
1 Star
By Visitor
Went to a visitation to start at 5pm til 7pm Family and friends were finally seated at 6:45. We left at 6:50 snd they still had not brought out the body! There were no less than 40 people crowded in the front inside the building. No social distancing!