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Danielle Staresinic
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By Visitor
I went to Lawrenceville Vision in May of 2017; it is December 27 and I still don’t have a serviceable pair of glasses.

Progressive bifocals were recommended, and I was upsold practically every available option without being advised of the costs, until the total was $800, with $400 covered by insurance. Assuming I’d receive a vastly superior custom product, I accepted. When I got them, could only see clearly through a tiny spot in the centers of the lenses, and the overly-strong prescription and errant pupillary distance gave me headaches and I could not focus on anything at all.

The glasses were remade as standard bifocals. I was told that progressives wouldn’t work for me, and Lawrenceville Vision shouldn’t be expected to absorb the cost. Eventually I was issued a $120 refund, so I am still out $280, and as I said, the current fifth pair is still problematic in several ways.

The glasses were subsequently remade three more times, due to several prescription errors. These errors accounted for at least part of the original problem with the progressive lenses, although the refund didn’t totally cover the price difference, and as I said, I was told that the problem was not the glasses themselves but rather my eyes not being compatible. The last remade pair I received in November (!) is still a quarter diopter off, and there are rainbow effects around text. The pair that I recently ordered from Zenni for about $50 was practically perfect right out of the case, in every way, and has most of the same options.

I was advised to get large frames for the progressives, which are unattractive and cause my lenses to steam up in a 65-degree room, because they don’t allow air to circulate. They refused to switch frames, due to insurance already being billed.

Their answering service doesn’t always identify itself as such, and generally refuses to take messages (what, then, is the point of an answering service?). They did once offer to take a message for Dr. Staresinic on December 4, and I have not received a return call in 23 days.

In 40 years of wearing glasses I’ve never had to return a pair, as every pair has always felt normal within an hour of first wearing them. I don’t know if my experience with Lawrenceville Vision was typical, but next time I’ll probably get a prescription from Lenscrafters and send it to Zenni if Lenscrafters can’t keep the total cost to under $50.