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About Law Office of Glen A Norton - Minnetonka, MN

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We take the time to care about our clients. Family law cases are difficult because they relate to our most emotional issues of children and relationships. In times of high emotion, we give the client the help and advice he or she needs that acknowledges the upsetting facts without being dominated by them. We won’t be judgmental about your situation.
We will give you objective legal analysis to help guide you. We use caution and detailed business analysis to advise you if the settlement you are considering is fair or if you could do better in court. We work in the Collaborative Process, in mediation or traditional family court litigation. Although most of our cases settle, if they do not, we are ready to bring the issue to a trial. We also work in domestic violence cases, paternity cases and where there is a decree that needs to be enforced or changed.
We seek minimal conflict in your family relationships while acknowledging that sometimes difficult messages must be conveyed to promote healing and reconciliation wherever it is appropriate. We understand how a faith perspective informs all that we do. We help you be sure that life after separation or divorce will be stable for children, safe for yourself and smart financially. You can take comfort in knowing that we have a network of other professionals to assure that you have the needed professionals around you at the time you need them. This team can help you handle whatever happens next.