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PO Box 669
Tewksbury, MA 01876
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Doug Sears
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5 Stars
By Visitor
Visitor: I pray for your soul as you are hurting. Raymond Paczkowski, the lawyer you call a "disaster," is deceased. If he hurt you, it would be better to go to Mass and pray for him and for those whom he may have hurt. It is misguided to try to get revenge on him by going after Attorney Sears who, though he had a space in his office, had nothing to do with Mr. Paczkowski's practice. You know that it is unChristian to slander and libel a neighbor. You might counsel with your priest or deacon to deal with your issues. Or, if you have healthcare coverage, to use that resource. You don't need to hide as an anonymous poster when there are so many professionals available to provide you the help you need to work through your pain and anger. Yours in Christ.
1 Star
By Visitor
"A lawyer, a disaster." Look that head line up in the Lowell Sun. This man is a FRAUD and gets away with taking from people since he knows many in Tewksbury. Do not trust him at all. You have been advised!
5 Stars
By Visitor
Connections do not make a bad man. A man makes himself bad. Doug Sears is a kind and honest human who genuinely cares about people. Do not mix him up with a colleague. A colleague who had business dealings that Mr. Sears knew nothing about. Get your facts straight before you pass judgment.
5 Stars
By Visitor
Bless you, Annonymous Visitor:

I have clients who have all sorts of problems who need help.
Christ knew unsavory characters as well as good people.
We all are those whom Christ came down to save.
A Christian Ministry of Law helping people is what I choose.
1 Star
By Visitor
Stay away from Doug Sears. He does business with disbarred attorney Raymond Paczkowski.