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308 S West St
Charlottesville, IN 46117
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Regina Payne
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Went to Lady Payne Accounting for the first AND last time this year for our taxes. Preparer "Becca" screwed up how we receive our returns and delayed everything. We gave her copies of our bank account information to ensure correct routing/account info and somehow she still screwed it up. When we called her out on this and asked that it be made right, she took a tone, copped an attitude, blamed us for the mistake, and refused to do anything about it. When I told her that we would be filing complaints and letting others know of this experience, her response was "Go ahead. It's not the first time and won't be the last". In addition she hung up on us. Multiple calls to "Regina" who apparently owns the business went unreturned and it took us two weeks worth of calling to even get "Becca" on the line to tell us that she didn't care. Saying that these people are unprofessional doesn't quite cover it. They are rednecks with Turbo Tax at best and I would highly encourage anyone needing tax or bookkeeping services to look elsewhere. With everything that has happened we are currently having our taxes re-visited by an actual professional to ensure accuracy. When someone can't even copy numbers from a check directly to paper correctly, everything else is called into question as well.