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1 Star
By Visitor
Perdue you are a hack. Have no idea how you keep your franchises. Your employees suck. Your food is generally cold and sub standard. Every location you own is filthy. Fifth ave in youngstown is the worst. Your employees are ignorant and lazy. Your a disgrace to the chain and you should board these outhouses up.
1 Star
By Visitor
I am very upset with my experience today. I work night shift. I went up waited in line for over 15 min got to the order taker was 1155 just for them to tell me that they are now closed. When says open until midnight. So not only was she rude about it even when I told her I've been out in line for over 15 minutes waiting and it's not even midnight refused to serve me had an attitude so I ended up being late for work driving somewhere else to get something to eat just so I could have dinner at work. Not happy with this experience. Happened at South St mcdoalds
1 Star
By Visitor
8/31/19 Saturday. Was in the drive-thru at the downtown Niles McDonald's and order a filet-o-fish with xtra sauce and fries. The fries were hot because they had to pull over some cars and when it was my turn I had to sit. When I got my sandwich. the box was cold witch means its cold. Then bun flaked apart. the fish was so cold. lost of sauce. The person that put on the sauce knew it was old .Had me wait for a cold sandwich. not
GOOD. I would like my money back. This is now the first time something at this McDonald's. once I ordered a happy meal with a burger and got just a bun not meat,pickle or onions. K/M only. Poor management. You need to start over.
1 Star
By Visitor
Was just in drive-thru at the downtown Niles McDonald's and was totally disrespected by the little girl working drive-thru. If you don't like your job quit you shouldn't treat customers the way you do
1 Star
By Visitor
It's a shame I'm required to even rate this with 1 star. Just spent over 25 minutes in the drive through waiting on a large caramel frappe and a large caramel macchiato. Absolutely ridiculous.