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Jimmy Leitao
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My experience at this shop was exceedingly poor. The service took very long, and it seems that they did not have the proper experience to complete the repair. I also have to question whether I was told the truth about the progress and completion of the repair.

First, I brought my Audi to Jimmy's to have a front wheel bearing replaced. The job took longer than expected (3-4 days) but it seems to have been completed relatively well. There was, however, bearing grease all over the wheel though upon delivery.

Next I brought the car in with a misfire. It was diagnosed as needing a new #1 injector and top end carbon cleaning. The repair took 21 days (!) during which I was without my car. Upon picking up my car, I looked at the engine and noticed a few screws missing on top of the engine. I know my car, and they were not missing when I brought the car in. I mentioned this to Jimmy, and he told me they were missing when he got the car (which is untrue).

The car still had a check engine light illuminated when I picked it up, giving the code for a bad "intake flap motor." Jimmy gave me some spray to put in the intake and clean it out further. This did not eliminate the check engine condition. I brought the car to an Audi specialist shop, much further away, but a family friend that I trust.

The second shop asked me "What happened to the intake flap motor? It seems like someone broke it." So I had that replaced. The second shop also told me that "a bunch of fasteners that would have been removed to do the carbon cleaning are all missing."

Subsequently, I have found that all of the fastners that hold the tray under the engine are missing, and these are $8 each from Audi, very hard to find. I also found that a few of the wheel lug bolts were cross threaded. Nobody else other than Jimmy's would have had any reason to take that wheel off (bearing replacement). Properly installing a wheel seems to be the most basic of all car tasks, so that is an embarrassing and unacceptable quality of service issue.

All in all, I have spent several days and over $700 fixing issues with my car that seem to be directly related to or caused by Jimmy's Auto. I have reached out to them to discuss this but not heard a response.