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400 Taunton Ave
Seekonk, MA 02771
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Ron Dipietro
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If i was you i would not trust them. Their gas attendant witnessed an car accident in the parking lot and had lied about the whole thing telling the insurance company it didn't happen even thoe he saw the whole thing and told me he wasn't going to get involved. He had made it tough for me to get reimbursed for my damages by lieing to the insurance company knowing it had happened. If they can not tell the truth about something as simple as this then who knows if you could trust them with anything else especially your car that they would want to make money off of to trust that your car really needs the repairs or if they may be lieing just to profit from you ! It was very dishonest of him and his company to allow him to allow him to lie ! Go to BP across the street they are very honest !

*********** UPDATE ***********
This garage / Gas Station told the insurance company i tried to bribe them if i told them to LIE that i would split the damages with them ! 1st of all that would never happen because how would i fix my car ? Second of all i found out the guy that hit my car is a good customer of theirs ! So they lost me my damages by lying and probably painted his bumper to look new so he could get away with it ! They should have been a cleaning place instead because i got taken to the cleaners and cost ME damages to MY car their customer hit $587.28. This scam they pulled will probably not be their last ! Watch out for yourselves and your car's by going there ! If someone else got scammed by them let me know...