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1517 Chapel Hill Rd
Columbia, MO 65203
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Deanna Sporleder

Business Hours

Monday through Friday 9 am to 4 pm
Other times available with arrangement.
Telehealth via video and in person sessions.

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About HATS Counseling LLC - Columbia, MO

Welcome to a personal and systematic approach to dismantling stress, traumatic experiences and addictions with empathy, respect, and genuineness. Explore emotional dysregulation and feeling "stuck". Gain understanding of self and interpersonal relationships, explore new insight of old behaviors, build new skills, invite friends and family to do the same if willing and able. If not, learn to live life as a human person with dignity and respect; choices in freedom, overcome guilt, and fulfill your potential. Are you searching for meaning and connectedness with others, but anxiety and depression hold you back? Wearing too many hats?

Offering a customized approach for whole person- therapy. Catholic therapist is able to implement your faith into your therapy and treatment plan at request.

First is reaching out. Anonymous is okay- make that call. Send that email. Ask a question. I have worked with 17 year old's with newborns to 70 year old's with great grand children, emotional pain and human suffering. Others wanted to explore life after or during transition. Questioning spirituality? Meaning of life? You're not alone. Let's figure it out.


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