Greenville Drug Store

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213 Central Ave
Norwich, CT 06360
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Lisa Scronce
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4 Stars
By Visitor
I use this store for my meds all the time and they even come to bring me my meds.I have had no big problems with them at all.
1 Star
By Visitor
It's sad that people without transportation and live in the Greeneville area have this as their only option for a pharmacy. The staff is extremely rude and lazy. On more than one occasion, I've walked to their store after being given the wrong pick up day from an uneducated person answering the phone, only yo be told that I will have to return the next day. One would think they could call their customers and let them know that they can't do something they previously told you they would; ie Fax in a refill request to your doctor. I had this problem today and was told, "Oh the guy who answered the phone didn't know what he was talking about. The pharmacist needs a written prescription from your doctor." Three hours of waiting and then I was back at square one and a simple courtesy call would have made all the difference. I was literally yelled at because I was unaware that my medication cannot be filled through a faxed request. The lady asked me if I was talking about a class 2 something or other. I, frankly, am shocked that they are still in business. They hang up on customers and are the meanest staff I've ever come across. If I had a vehicle, I would go anywhere else to fill my medications.