Gillombardo's Giant Eagle

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1825 Snow Rd
Parma, OH 44134
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John Gillombardo
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4 Stars
By Visitor
Going over a few pts on previous reviews: MGR seen more often than any other G.E., perhaps bc this is a Gillombardo's not a corp store, & he is very efficient to handle any concern I have had for years. produce, check potatoes yourself, duh, do not do deli so nc, packers, really? priveledge, aren't we?! bag them yourself..just lazy, never a priority for me just be patient with cashiers as they have enough on their plate, if that includes bagging, then act like a human, we ll go through the line, they only concerns I have are the self help lines checkers, not fond of them, and Lottery is closed more than open, sad pt there, has been for years. Been a non corp store they carry items other stores do not a +.
5 Stars
By Visitor
Absolutely the best service ever !! I would so come back here :)
1 Star
By Visitor
worst service i have ever experienced.3/13/20 @3:00 pm.not enough cashiers, packers and NO management in sight...
1 Star
By Visitor
Deli workers hurry you through your order. Except one young lady name jamie in deli . Always has patience. Makes sure slicers are clean between customers . I always look for her. Thumbs up to this nice lady
2 Stars
By Visitor
I bought 2 bags of Yukon Gold potatoes - potatoes were soft and on the verge of spoiling. Produce can be questionable.