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Hi! I am Tom, 4th generation produce man . My family has been in the industry for nearly 100 years. From farming, importing, packaging, and distribution we have dipped our toes into nearly every facet of this important industry.

Produce is highly perishable. The name of the game is how fast and cheap can we get it from farm to table. To be honest, the industry does not do a great job. Most produce is a week old when it hits the store shelves. And because produce is so bulky and heavy, most of the cost of your food goes to transportation. We know we can do better.

By working directly with our farmer friends and cutting out the stores we can get produce from field to table in as little as 1 day. This means fresher, longer lasting fruits and vegetables. When we cut out the middle man, we save time and money, passing those savings directly along to you.


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