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401 Avenue of the Cities
East Moline, IL 61244
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Michael Kendall DMD
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We had gone to the East Moline Dental Center for a number of years under the previous dentist, Dr. Naert, and had good care. However, when he took on a partner in Dr. Kendall, this practice went downhill fast. It started with charging us for a baby tooth barely hanging on by a thread being pulled. Dr. Naert told us he would not charge us for it since it was already WELL on its way out. But then we get the bill for it ($95 for a tooth hanging on literally by one root!!!) we call and they refused to take it off the bill. Then they convince us to get sealant put on my teeth and my oldest son's teeth, making it sound like it is a normal thing that insurance normally will cover. Then we get the outrageous bill for that, and when we ask another dentist about it are told there was no reason for it to be put on our son's teeth since he still had baby teeth at the time. So we contest that billing as well, come to find out when dental insurance pays your dentist, they try to negotiate the bill based on prices in your area and the industry. Dr. Kendall DOES NOT NEGOTIATE AND CHARGES WELL ABOVE AVERAGE COST!!! The final straw however was in our final visit when we were charged for a cleaning that did not occur, the dentist only checked my wife's teeth and no cleaning was done. This place is a joke under Dr. Kendall and is not a place I would suggest to my worst enemy, even if they were Toothless Joe! Will definitely NOT go back here ever, and would strongly encourage others to leave or never go there in the first place.