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101 N 1St St
Holly, MI 48442
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Gordy Dryer
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First I would like to say that obviously it is always going to be a horrible time when someone you love passes away.. I believe that you should not be in the funeral industry if you do not wish to help make the experience a little better for the family, or at least one that they do not have to look back upon with horror and regret. My mother passed away suddenly in 2010 and we decided to use Dryer Funeral Home because she was to be laid to rest at Great Lakes Cemetery nearby. From beginning to end, it was not good dealing with this place. They were unfriendly and borderline rude at times. The pastor that they recommended was ridiculous and embarrassing! He called my mother be a different name THREE times and made the experience that much worse and uncomfortable for everyone. Mr Dryer was rude and not easy at all to talk to or deal with. I also think there would be a better time to ask for payment the. In the middle of the service when my father is whaling and inconsolable. He was very cold and I could tell he did NoT like being there or in the industry at all it seemed. We were just another number, just another payment, to him. I am also not sure they did a very good job with my mothers body. She died during heart surgery, and for some reason they could not make her face presentable enough for an open casket?? They also had absolutely no music selection and the DVD they provided to the family of the photos we gave to have displayed on the screen did not even work. They also only displayed half of the images because their systems are so out of date that they couldn't acquire the images that I sent to them. I would not recommend this place to ANYONE.