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1312 Peger Rd
Fairbanks, AK 99709
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+Chad W. Zielinski, Bishop
Patty Walter, Editor--The Alaskan Shepherd Newsletter
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About Diocese of Fairbanks - Fairbanks, AK

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The Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks is the largest in the country in geographical terms. It stretches from Tok, near the Canadian border, all the way across the state to Little Diomede near the border with Russia; from Barrow on the coast of the Arctic Ocean to Chefornak south of Nelson Island it encompasses almost 410, 000 square miles. Within its boundaries the diocese is home to 11,000 Catholics, out of a general population of 165,500.
The diocese is among the poorest in the nation. Only eight of its 46 parishes and missions are self-supporting. The viability of these parishes depends in large measure on donors from across the country and around the world. The diocese spreads the word of its needs through its newsletter, "The Alaskan Shepherd."


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