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The following account is from a member of the Lasik Danger Information Forum on Facebook. LDIF is a place for people to discuss vision procedures with the goal of changing legislation so that patients are informed and doctors are made accountable and careful with patients. Petitions regarding these issues are being created.

My Experience With Cutarelli Vision

- I had vision correction surgery with a different doctor in the mid 80’s with great results.
- Summer of 2018, I went to Cutarelli Vision to see if I was a candidate for a distance vision touch up.
- After being examined by Cutarelli’s staff, I was told that I was a candidate. I was talked into monovision by Irina, the office manager. I was not told that I could try contact lenses to see if monovision would work for me. I was told it was a good procedure, considering my age.
- I was not offered the option of doing a PRK procedure or even told it existed. No comparison of procedures was explained to me. I was not told that the risk of doing a lasik procedure on an older patient who had a prior procedure increased the risk of epithelial ingrowth. I was never told of epithelial ingrowth.
- I met Dr. Cutarelli for the first time as I was walking to the chair to have the procedure done.
- After the procedure, I sat in a chair for a few minutes then was ushered to the exit.
-That night, my eyes felt like they were on fire. On a scale 0-10, the pain was about an 8/9.
- I struggled to find the after hours contact numbers because my eyes hurt so bad. I wanted to keep them closed. I called Dr. Cutarelli several times and left messages. He eventually got back to me. He told me to take over-the-counter pain relievers and go to my follow up appointment the next day.
- I went to the follow up. Dr. Cutarelli did not see me. Dr. Kelliher saw me. Kelliher treated me for an infection with eye drops and put in bandage lenses that were the wrong prescription because they didn’t have the right prescription in stock.
- I came in for follow up visits, and Kelliher changed the drops.
- After approximately a week and half, I went in to see Kelliher. My eyes felt like they were on fire. I saw Irina in the waiting room and told her what was happening. She went and got Cutarelli.
- Cutarelli examined my eyes. He said that I had epithelial ingrowth and that I had to have a flap lift procedure done on both eyes.
- I went and got other opinions. All opinions said that a flap lift on both eyes was necessary and that I risked flap melt if I didn’t have the lifts done. If flap melt happens, then a donor for a cornea transplant is required. Epithelial ingrowth can come back at any time, even years, after flap lift surgery.
- Irina called and was extremely pushy about having flap lifts done with them the next day. She had been pushy about the monovision, too. There is down time with flap lifts. Arrangements had to be made to cover more time from work and school. I let Irina know that Cutarelli Vision was never going to touch me again.
- A different doctor did the flap lifts. It was torture. You lay there perfectly still, wide awake, with your lids pulled open with an eye speculum. They lift the cornea and literally dig in your eye and scrape across the cornea with a surgical tool to remove epithelial cells. Imagine holding perfectly still while your eye is being dug into. You get numbing drops, but you still feel it happening. It hurts. One eye at a time, different appointments, with several days between procedures. You see the tool coming at your eye but you cannot pull away.
- I’m a tough person, but I absolutely lost it when I got up from those procedures. It’s sheer torture.
- What’s the outcome? My last exam, cells had grown back on one of my eyes but not under the flap. They monitor in those cases. I wear multi-focal contact lenses in both eyes for presbyopia and reading glasses. I’ve had procedures done to deal with dry eye. I’m advised not to have anymore corrections done and monovision is awful. I didn’t wear contacts or reading glasses prior to Cutarelli’s procedure. Now, I have to wear them the rest of my life. Try running a farm in all weather and in the dark with contact lenses. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on care to get to where I am.
- Had I been advised about the documented risks and peer-reviewed studies regarding older patients who’ve had a previous procedure and that other procedures would have been much safer, I NEVER would have let him do it.
- I confronted Cutarelli over the phone as to why he didn’t offer a safer procedure. He said, “Because it doesn’t heal as fast.”