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139 Doug Smith Rd
Dickinson Center, NY 12930
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Ralph LaPage
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By Visitor
To whom the anonymous person is referring was I lost my aunt who is like a mother to me on Friday to brain cancer at 5:30am and on Saturday I lost the man I have looked up to my whole life I idealized him he was a true hero a green beret from viet nam he was my encouragement to enlist in US Army to serve 2 tours in combat in Afghanistan it really takes some nerve to post a sadistic post on a religious site about the deaths of two family members in less than 24 hrs God help us if this is how people react my number is listed in the ad above and I answer everything from spam to my car warranty so either your blowing smoke or you just aren’t dialing the correct number it would be great to hear from you Mr ANONYMOUS
1 Star
By Visitor
save your money. Ralph signed a contract but didn't do the job as per contract. He states he can't do the job because of his aunt, uncle, and himself, but won't give the money back. Doesn't answer his phone or call. Not very businesslike.
5 Stars
By Visitor
Please can you call me your mailbox is full not taking any phone messages. 877-827-3702 Ext. 3255006. This is concerning a Specially Adapted Combat Veteran that needs a house built.