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360 Pelham Rd
Greenville, SC 29615
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Courtney Mitchell
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He is also at the Walmart in Simpsonville, SC. I have not seen him personally but have seen 2 of his associates. My first visit was on 5/26.

I have bifocal contacts, got the wrong measure in the wrong eye, vision very blurry until my follow up. I take partial blame for this, I had used my last contacts and didn't have the strength prescribed for each eye.

Went back on 6/2. Got strengths straightened out but was told my particular strength had to be special ordered. They would be in the next week.

Had not heard from them on 6/11, called, was told they had been ordered but they would 're-order just to make sure.

Called today 6/19, they have sent email to company concerning them but 'Stacy' can't receive email at the dr office so they didn't know the status.

Explained had used these contacts for 2 weeks and didn't have any others to put in. Basically was told that wasn't their problem but they were call or email company again. I asked why they would email company if she could not receive response back. She said we will try to contact.

I asked if she would call me back to let me know what was happening. She said 'I can if you want me to.' Hello! It's been 2 weeks and I've been calling you, of course I want you to call me when you find what is happening.

I wish I could rate lower than 1 star!!!!