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3870 State Route 408 W
Hickory, KY 42051
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Kenneth Kilcoyne
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Mr. Kilcoyne/C & K Motors,
Below is what I sent to every car website that you are currently listed with this morning. I wanted you to have a copy and know my disappointment. I don't want you to con someone else by withholding information. I believe you need to shape up. I am currently searching other car sales websites to find any other site you use to sell vehicles. I will try my hardest to inform them of your dishonesty and shady ways. Again I am very disappointed in you for allowing me to drive 4 hours and waste my time and money! Feel free to call me with any questions or apologies... We all make mistakes but there are consequences for our actions and I will get you removed.

I want it to be noted that I realize anytime you purchase a used vehicle there will be things wrong.
I called Kenneth Kilcoyne/ C & K Motors(www.ckmotorsky.com) about his 2004 Silverado Crew Cab z71. First question I asked when I called was 'any dents? and was told no dents', the first thing I saw on arrival was a dent in the front bumper and back bumper! Why lie?!?! I asked if he had to replace any parts. He told me no. I noticed there was a new front air dam because there was a fog light button but no fog lights. So I questioned him again and he replied 'might have put a new air dam on because the old one was cracked'. I told him I would be driving a good distance and wanted to know if there was anything wrong with the truck that he knew about before I came. Nothing wrong, mechanic says it a great truck. After test driving the truck I constantly heard a howl from the rear end. When I went back to talk to Kenneth Kilcoyne(Owner) he told me there might have been a slight howl but not to worry it was mainly the tires. I asked to have his mechanic look at the rear end again and then I would purchase the truck. He refused saying his mechanic had already looked at the truck said it had nothing wrong. There is obviously something wrong with the truck! People who will lie and withhold information are not the type people your website should allow to post on their site. I drove 4 hours to look at this truck just to find out what I should have been told on the phone.
Please remove Kenneth Kilcoyne/C & K motors from your website. I am also sending this to any other website with his vehicles on it.