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8675 Torresdale Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19136
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5 Stars
By Visitor
I was in search of a reputable plumber and a friend suggested Bill Frusco Plumbing. I needed to redo my master bath and needless to say I wanted the job done right! Bill himself came out to give me the estimate and to my surprise his price was better then expected. Within 2 days they started the work . The gentlemen that did the installation were very efficient and clean!! Love my new bathroom and would recommend this company to anyone!
5 Stars
By Visitor
Great Neighborhood Plumber!

Recently my husband and I had a terrible leak in our basement. Frusco Plumbing located and fixed the leak right away saving us a lot of stress and headaches. The price was reasonable and the technicians that came out were also very nice and helpful throughout the process! It is great to see a neighborhood plumber that cares about the community and his customers! I now recommend Frusco Plumbing to all my friends and family.
1 Star
By Visitor
This company is terrible! Simple as that.

They were hired by the management company in charge of the house I'm renting. Our radiators needed new piping. When we moved into this place, it had been vacant for a year and a half. Due to the negligence of the owner of this house, the pipes had not been weatherized and therefor were busted.

Bill Frusco sent several different "plumbers" to our house and even came over himself one time over the course of nearly three weeks. They ripped out several walls, made a huge mess, and even left holes in our walls to the outside world. Most of the workers he sent seemed incompetent, were rude, would not properly communicate with us, and some of them even made sexually suggestive comments towards both me and my roommate.

We do have our heat fixed after the whirlwind that came through our house(aka: Bill Frusco.) However, we still have holes in our walls, some of which lead outside. I supposed that is the responsibility of our land lord, but they could have at least attempted to plug them with something. I will never ever send these guys to even my worst enemies. I suggest that you find another plummer and never ever call the incompetent jerks at Bill Frusco.

Btw, there may be some good reviews on here, but I highly suspect they are from "friends" of Bill Frusco. Don't trust them.

Oh and they charged our landlord an exorbitant amount of money for their terrible work.
1 Star
By Visitor
I really should have read ALL of the reviews of Bill Frusco Plumbing and not just the positive one's they posted themselves before I hired them. They started the job without permits and when the inspector came around they just quit and left me with a huge fine, a whole in my bathroom, and I still needed to hire someone else. When I tried to get my money back from them I was threatened. Bill Frusco gives all Philadelphia Plumbers a bad name. Do yourself a favor and just call someone else.