Benny's Cafe

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5354 S 27th St
Milwaukee, WI 53221
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Ben Zeqiri
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5 Stars
By Visitor
Full menu with breakfast all day. Daily specials and the regular good stuff. Good service, good food and the place does not smell like bleach. Fair prices also. Great hostess and friendly waitstaff.
5 Stars
By Visitor
Benny's is THE place to go for breakfast after church or any other time. The food is great and before you have a refill on your coffee, your breakfast is there--
piping hot and delicious. Lunch and dinner are great too and their menu is large with sandwiches, dinners,
senior specials and of course--breakfast. The prices are right and the food delicious.

The staff is friendly and courteous and once each month, they give a room to our church's men's
Bible study. I would highly recommend Benny's
to anyone looking for a delicious meal anytime.
5 Stars
By Visitor
Great place to eat any time of day.Quick seating,friendly staff,very good food and great prices.I have been there with 1 person or a group and the service is the same.