Archangel Builders LLC

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2819 Anejo Dr
Laredo, TX 78045
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Charlie San Miguel
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This company is owned by a Dictator. Works you until your body gives out, and tries to play it off by calling you “brother”. He pays fair though but, he pays salary so there isn’t over time and makes you work longer our then your usual 40 hours like it should be. He doesn’t provided uniforms which ever company does and calls you “brother”’like if your his brother but then treats you like a rag dog when it comes to working. His trucks are always breaking down and some are not even fit to work properly... yet he makes them run with trucks like that. He makes employees buy equipment for the company he is “running” and does not pay you back. He’s a selfish old man who thinks only about money and himself, it’s no wonder he lost the elejectjon. I would pick Trump over this fool and I’m a anti-trump supporter