Allison Eye Care Inc.

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6770 Dixie Hwy Ste 203
Clarkston, MI 48346
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Eric Schulte
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Would not suggest this place. There were 2 good things about the place the decor was very unique and eye doctor seemed nice. This place is really awful, however. Wait times seem to be about an hour sometimes a little more to see the doctor - I found that to be ridiculous. The biggest thing though is their billing methods. My husband went in with insurance and ended up with a surprise bill of over $1,000.00 yes that is not a typo - the last $500 of which we received a surprise bill 3 months after the exam. Total out of pocket for us was over $700 after insurance. It was insane. Basically without asking extra things were added on to the bill (such as an upgrade to anti-reflective lenses), some of the other charges were special tests the the doctor suggested - this resulted in over $300. Other charges added up as well such as an extra contact exam charge on top of the $200 normal exam charge and $50 to get his eyes dilated. This place was ridiculous. Would not suggest to anybody.