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Todd Massie DMD
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I have to say I enjoyed the dentist and Dr. Massie very much. They were nice and straight forward, and my hygienist was actually enjoyable. It is the front desk I have issues with. I had an accident where I got 7 teeth knocked out. It was very dramatic and will take years to get fixed properly. I lived in PA and came to IL to work on Scott AFB. I went to A to Z because of their hours.

First visit was great, felt very promising. I will need 3 crowns, a bone graph, an implant, and possibly 4 veneers on the bottom. I have a large temp up front covering 4 teeth. I told the doctor my biggest fear was having my fake teeth fall out and he assured me he could get me in and glue them up if they did. It would take 10 minutes. Well they came loose and one cracked in the front. I panicked and asked to come in after work that day. They didn't have any availability. I understand they have patients but I would have been sideseated for 2 hours that night if they would have gotten me in. They couldn't until the next day at 430 pm. Well that night I got a new dentist. I know this sounds rough but I can't go without all my front teeth to work.

So I called A to Z to get my paperwork as I gave them all my originals from the accident. And they had shredded ALL MY ORIGINAL PAPERWORK! The only reason I left it was so they could scan it all in. Which they did, but it made all the documents small and hard to read when she had to print them for me. I had so much work done and so many X-Rays, Photos, treatment plan. insurance information, and they shredded it. The original doctor is in PA and couldn't mail it to me in time to make my appointment with the oral surgeon and periodontics, so I have to pay more money for new X-rays and all new information printed out.

Don't leave your originals with the front desk. They Shred them, then print out a blurry smaller version for you to take. It is very unprofessional, and they lost a ton of money with my case, and all the reoccurring work I will need, as I will most likely loose the 7 teeth over the next 5 to 10 years.

Good luck dental patients hope you find what you are looking for.