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Corpus Christi & St Ladislas Churches
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277 Reeb Avenue, PO Box 7825
Columbus, OH 43207
Phone: (614) 443-2828 Fax: (614) 444-0523
A Parish of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus OH

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April 8, 2013

Dear Members and Friends of Corpus Christi Parish,

I want to share with all of you the joy of the Easter season.  Christ is risen!  The promise of new life fills the air as church bells ring and warmth begins to return after a cold winter.  As Catholics, we share in the hope that Easter brings.

It is the importance of sharing this hope that moves me to write you at this time.  I know that you are aware that our parish has experienced a great decline over the years in terms of attendance and participation.  We have experienced the loss of many key people this year.  To many this has become discouraging, which has only perpetuated the downward spiral.  I know that some have given up hope that there is a future for this parish.  And, truthfully, we cannot sustain a continued decline in attendance and participation and expect to remain a viable parish.

But I, for one, believe that there are great possibilities for growth and renewal here.  And I am willing to work diligently toward that end.  I love this parish, its people and the community it serves.  But one person or even a few cannot do what needs to be done if we are going to turn things around.  We need current members to become actively involved in the renewal of our parish.  We need people who have been gone for a while to return to active participation.  We need people with historic connections to Corpus Christi, particularly those who are not presently active in a parish, to come join us and help to make this a vibrant parish once again.

I know that many people have a great love for this church.  Now is the time to put this love into action.  Please pray that God will provide what we need to grow and serve.  And please be a part of that growing and serving in some way.  If you have been gone for a while and would like to speak with me about concerns you may have, I’d be happy to do that.  If you have ideas to share, I’d be happy to listen.

Please come share with us in the joy and hope that Easter brings.  May God bless you richly!

Sincerely in Christ,
Father Rod Damico





Dear Corpus Christi / St. Ladislas Alumni,


“Begin to weave, and God will give you the thread.”

German Proverb


Even if you do not know how to sew, God is sowing seeds through you.


When was the last time you attended Mass at your childhood parish; was it for a reunion, a wedding, maybe a funeral? Now that we have that out of the way, when was the last time you attended Mass at Corpus Christi or St. Lad’s on a regular basis? Twenty years ago? Thirty? Forty? Well, there’s a new priest at the pulpit, and once you hear him, you will have that familiar feeling of “being home” in the South End. You may be connected to another parish and involved in church ministry somewhere else; sharing the Gifts that God gave you. But right now, the parishes need you. You can take the person out of the South End, but you cannot take the South End out of the person.


As you may know, the South End is not what it used to be, and dwindling church attendance is in part due to neighborhoods that have been hit by hard times, crime, and families moving – or the natural departure, where loved ones are now face to face with God.


In July, Fr. Rod Damico was assigned pastor for Corpus Christi and St. Ladislas parishes. Fr. Rod is married, and he and his wife, Mary, have four children, and one grandchild.  This perhaps gives him tremendous insight into our daily lives, juggling family, jobs, children, school, and Church. He grew up on the west side of Cleveland, attended Baldwin-Wallace College, and then went to the seminary at Yale Divinity School to prepare for Methodist ministry. While working on his Doctor of Ministry degree, he learned more about the liturgical, sacramental, and spiritual tradition of the Catholic Church, and found himself drawn to Catholicism. After 10 years as a Methodist minister, he entered the Roman Catholic Church in 1984. In 1986, under the prompting of several diocesan priests and Bishop James Griffin, he made a petition to Pope John Paul II for ordination to the Roman Catholic priesthood, and was ordained on June 6, 1992.  He served at St. Mary’s in Delaware, and St. Paul’s in Westerville, but it is clear his heart belongs in his South End parishes.


Someone once asked Mother Teresa if they could help in her ministry, to which she replied, “Find your own Calcutta.” We found Calcutta, and it is located at 1111 East Stewart Avenue, and 277 Reeb Avenue, in the South End of Columbus.


We are focusing our efforts on rebuilding, reconnecting, and revitalizing the parishes. Many do not realize that after St. Lad’s, the next closest parish south on Rt. 23 is in Circleville. (This excludes the suburbs, like Grove City, Groveport, etc.) There are many Catholics who live in the Columbus area, but, for whatever reasons, may not be attending Mass, but have the desire to. It is still so easy and the most natural thing in the world – to walk in those church doors, and feel the presence of God. He is waiting for you to come back, to meet Fr. Rod, and asking for your help to keep the parish alive. God often uses small matches to light greater torches, and your attendance, your ideas and your participation will help light the way for Fr. Rod, Corpus Christi / St. Ladislas, and the community.


Robbie Banks                                       Sandy (Augustine) Martin                 Carmen Sauer

Corpus Christi ’92 / Ready ’96                Wehrle ’69 / St. Ladislas ’65                Wehrle ’76 / St. Leo ’72                                

614/323-9394                                        614/833-9704                                     614/323-3749


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                        Corpus Christi                                                           St. Ladislas

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                        Saturday 5:30 PM                                                       Saturday 4:00 PM

                        Sunday 9:00 AM                                                         Sunday 11:00 AM


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