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St Vladimir Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
430 North Seventh Ave.
between W. Lackawanna Ave. & W. Linden St.
Scranton, PA 18503
Phone: (570) 342-7023
A Parish of The Ukrainian Archdiocese of Philadelphia PA

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Our History



For the period 1908-2008

July 20, 1908 - Trustees prepare and sign a Petition to the Court of Common Pleas of Lackawanna County which read: “We, the undersigned citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania having associated ourselves with other citizens as the Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church Congregation of Saint Wolodymir [Vladimir] of Scranton, Pennsylvania, are desirous of being incorporated…therefore declare the following to be the object and conditions agreeable to which we desire to be incorporated:

                         First: The name and style of the corporation shall be “The Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church of Saint Wolodymir [Vladimir] of Scranton, Pennsylvania,

                         Second: This corporation is formed for the purpose of the support of public worship according to the faith, doctrine, discipline and usages of the Greek Catholic Church."


August 10, 1908 - Charter of Congregation granted by the Court of Common Pleas of Lackawanna County decreeing the incorporation of The Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church Congregation of Saint Wolodymir [Vladimir] of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

August 12, 1908 - Parishioners purchase the former Robinson Hall at 426 North Seventh Avenue for their house of worship.


October 15, 1908 - Land on Amherst Street purchased for use as cemetery.

July 11, 1911 -  The Robinson Mansion at 430 North Seventh Avenue purchased for the amount of $10,000 to be used as the parish rectory.


August 18, 1932 - Parishioners accept the bid from Architect Vincent Russoniello to build a Byzantine style edifice for the sum of $55,000. During the time of construction, Sunday and Daily Liturgies are conducted at Saint Lucy Latin Rite Catholic Church while Marriages and Funerals were held at St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church.


Easter Sunday April 16, 1933 - First Divine Liturgy is celebrated in the new church.


September 7, 1936 - The new church is dedicated and blessed by The Most Reverend Bishop Constantine Bohachevsky.

April 6, 1950 - 2.85 acres of land is purchased on Kane Street in Minooka for use as a second parish cemetery.

June 15, 1957 - Property adjacent to the church is purchased for $10,500 in preparation for construction of Parish Center and School.


May 24, 1959 - Construction of the Parish Center and School is completed at a cost of $133,542. and building is dedicated.


September 5, 1960 - Newly installed Iconostas at a cost of $7,000 is blessed on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the parish.


June 10, 1961 - Property adjacent to the Parish Center and School is purchased for $10,915 for use as a parking lot.


April 26, 1970 - Newly constructed Rectory is blessed.


September 18, 1983 - Parish observes its 75th Anniversary


1975 - Church interior renovated


June 19, 1985 - Chapel/Utility Building construction initiated at Kane Street Cemetery, Minooka section of Scranton.


October 21, 2007 - The 75th Annual Card Party is held.


December, 2007 - New church sign installed—made possible through funds raised by the students of St. Vladimir Sunday School Religious Ed. Program


August 10, 2008 - St. Vladimir Parish officially 100 Years Old 

October 19, 2008100th Anniversary Publicly Commemorated with Solemn Divine Liturgy, celebrated by His Grace, Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka of Philadelphia;  Father Paul Wolensky, Pastor of St. Vladimir's;  and guest clergy.  Following the Liturgy was a Joyous Banquet at St. Mary's Center Catering Hall, Scranton.


November 16, 2008 - Panakhyda Memorial Service in Honor of the Founders, Pioneers and All Parishioners and Pastors of Saint Vladimir’s Congregation, who have Fallen Asleep in Our Lord Jesus Christ.


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