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Office of Confirmation

(626) 338-2937

Dear Confirmation Parents,

We are grateful to be of service to you and your child, preparing them to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Hopefully your student has shared some of what he/she is learning and talking about in class. This year we chose a new curriculum, “Decision Point” which is a program produced by Dynamic Catholic. It is a program that utilizes books, discussion and videos in each class session. We urge you to check out their website .

A wonderful resource of this program is the ability to download the entire workbook and leader book for free. A mobile app “Decision Point” is available for free to download on your student’s or your phone as well. You can access it and watch what your student is learning in class.  We pray that you take the opportunity to do so once in awhile. It might be a great way to share in your student’s faith journey more deeply.


Our Confirmation ministry is committed to prepare your child, not only for the Sacrament of Confirmation, but to joyfully live our faith. We are praying that we are partners with you, by example and teaching, guiding your child towards a deeper understanding of his faith and his relationship with God. Your example of a life lived with prayer, attendance at Mass, service to others and adherence to our Catholic faith is the main frame of reference your child has.


Please guide your child in their choice of a sponsor. Review the qualifications the Sponsor must meet in order to serve in that important role. The sponsor should already have a close relationship with your child and be living in accordance with the doctrine of our faith. The sponsor is a person who you would want your child to emulate as they mature in their faith in addition to your parental example.

Sponsor forms are due: November 9th  (Year Two Only)

Sponsors are required to attend the Candidate/Sponsor session and Mass,

Sunday, November 23rd. The session starts at 4:15 pm. The Rite of Commitment to the Journey will be conferred upon the Candidates along with their Sponsors at that Mass. Please assist your child by contacting the Sponsor to remind them of this important and required participation.

An important event in the Confirmation process is the Confirmation Retreat.

Year One and Year Two will have a choice from two available dates to attend their respective retreat:

Year One Retreat:  January 24th  or  February 7th, 2015

Year Two Retreat:  April 18th    or    April 25th,  2015


Attendance at Retreat is mandatory. Please plan your family schedules accordingly to support your student’s participation. If the Candidate misses both dates, you will be required to find an alternate retreat at another local parish. We do not have their retreat schedules, so it will require some research on your part in the event of a missed retreat.


Our Confirmation date is scheduled:  Thursday, May 7th at 7 pm.  The Candidates must be at the Church by 6:15 pm.

Celebrant: Rev. Msgr. James Loughnane, Episcopal Vicar


Service Hours: As you are aware, a minimum of twenty hours per year of service is an integral and required aspect of the Candidate’s curriculum. The purpose of this requirement is to help the student develop a “servant’s heart”; to develop a deeper understanding of  Jesus’ instruction to “Love our neighbor as God loves us.”


From time to time we will offer opportunities of service to the students. However, the student is responsible to discover areas of service in which to offer their time, talent and treasure. Please make sure their hours completed are signed off and submitted to the Confirmation Office.


Youth Day: Thursday, March 12, 2015 Anaheim Convention Center

Attendance at the Religious Education Congress Youth Day, sponsored by the Los Angeles Office of Religious Formation is a required element of our Confirmation Program. Year One fees include the cost of the ticket and transportation by bus. If the student missed Youth Day during Year One, they must attend Year Two, but additional fees will be due because the cost is not included in Year Two tuition.


Additional General Reminders:


Attire: The Confirmation class t-shirt is the required attire for class and Mass. Please send your student to class in their class shirt. Jeans are okay, as long as they are clean, with no holes, rips or ragged hems. Modest dress is a form of reverence we are working to instill in the Candidates. No shorts should be worn in Mass.


Attendance: Only two absences are allowed per year. Preparation for Confirmation requires a set amount of class hours. Only 14 class sessions are scheduled. Please support your student’s class attendance. There is a lot to do in only 14 class sessions. Important note: 6:30 pm Mass following the class is part of their class and preparation. Please do not ask us to excuse them from Mass. It is an absence. In an extreme emergency, we can understand, however that should be a definite exception.


Again, thank you again for allowing us to prepare your child for the Sacrament of Confirmation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the Religious Formation Office. We will be glad to meet with you.


In Christ,


Elizabeth Hudson              Judi Peña

Director of Religious Formation         Confirmation Coordinator


Please take a few minutes to review the attached information. It will inform you of important upcoming events and dates for your Candidate, Sponsor and family.


The following forms may be downloaded:


Confirmation Year One and Year Two Calendars


Confirmation Sponsor Forms

Confirmation Service Hours Form




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