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17th Sunday ordinary time:

Theme:  If you have not found the hidden treasure or the pearl of great value, keep searching and you will find it in the Old and New Testament.
“Ask something of me and I will give it to you, God said in a dream to Solomon.  If God appeared like that to you, WHAT WOULD YOU ASK FOR??????

Money,  Health, a long life, restoration of loved one or relationship, or Victory over your enemy?   Solomon, asked for An UNDERSTANDING Heart! A Listening Heart!  What would you ask for from God? 
In the Gospel Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of heaven is like finding o a hidden treasure and a pearl of great value and these things are so valuable, that the person would sacrifice all that the person possess in order to get it.

What is the most valuable treasure that you have or would want to have? If you found a treasure in a field, what would you hope it would be and what would you give to acquire it?  What would be the pearl of great value for you, that is more precious to you to find?

Would it be wisdom?  Like the young King Solomon asked for, a listening heart that bring with it understanding and directs knowledge properly so that good decisions follow.  Can we ask our young people to pray for a listening heart and the gift of understanding so that they make good decisions in this life filled with great choices.  Can we pray for your YOUNG children to make this the pearl of great price that they seek?  Perhaps even the children who have streamed over the border in these past months are showing the Godly wisdom to take life in hand to escape from the violence and pressure of being forced to kill and sell drugs. In turn, are we wise in our ways of reacting to this situation.  Are we filled with a listening heart and understanding what is going on with their country and ask why they are fleeing here?


The Imitation of Christ has a passage which seems to catch the drift of the Gospel images which Jesus speaks about:  “Make room for Christ. When you possess Christ you are a rich person for He is sufficient for you.  He himself, shall provided for you and faithfully administer all you care.  Put all your4 trust in God.  Let him be your love and he will do whatever is in your best interest.” Hazle en ti lugar a Cristo.  Si posees a Cristo, seras rico, y con el te bastara.  El sera tu proveedor y fiel procurador en todo, de manera que no tendras necesiddad de esperar en los hombres. El respondera por ti y todo lo hara bien como major convenga.

Today again we have to ask ourselves what is the pearl of great price which Jesus wants us to seek and find.  What does Jesus consider to be the treasure that is hidden and sometimes when a person finds it, that person is willing to sell everything, leave everything in order to acquire it?  Perhaps it is like the disciples who left everything to follow the TEACHER, Jesus of Nazareth.So the great question put to us and might serve also for our family to discuss is:  What is the Pearl of great price that we need to seek and what is the GOOD and the BAD that we have to separate out in life?
16th Sunday ordinary

Do you want us to pull the weeds up? No, if you pull up the weeds you might uproot the wheat along with them.”  The wisdom of this is that the weeds, darnel resembled wheat in the early stages of growth.  The good and the evil are sometimes entwined so much that it is hard to separate one from the other.

But the promise made by the parable of the Lord is that in the end there will be a separation of the weeds from the wheat. This is the mystery of the wisdom of God’s mercy also in which, as long as evil exists or is present, there is a chance of conversion. 

So often, however, we are more inclined to focus our attention on the existence of evil and how we can eliminate it or pull it out.  We do it often or at least wish to do it and eliminate all evil and live in a world where no evil exists.

One example that I want to call your attention to is the situation of the children coming across the border.  Many times people call these children immigrants and illegal.  But the truth is that we need to see the roots of the evil which exists now in the central American countries. Honduras has the highest per capital murder rate right now. These children are running away from this situation as you or I would do.  They are children!  And we need to ask what is at the root or what is the reason for these children running away from their land of origin.  We want to root THEM out as EVIL, but the evil exists around them and is deeply entwined around them.   

So can we protect the good that is developing in these children or let them be overwhelmed by the evil which is so around them?

As Jesus showed us and said: “Let the little children come to me, for of them we learn what the kingdom is all about, it is about a mustard seed or yeast that is so small, but grows to large proportions, IF WE ALLOW IT and welcome them.” And then he touched them, blessed them and so should we!

16th Sunday Fiesta Weekend

15th Sunday Ordinary tim

There is nothing more joyful than when a fruit tree that you planted produces apricots or when a tomato plant begins to form little tomatoes on its branches.  IT is the same when the Word of God begins to produce fruit in your life!

  Today, Jesus makes it easy for us to understand the Word of God.  He tells us the story of seeds which are thrown on the ground.  Some fall on the path and birds eat them, some begin to grow, but do not have strong roots, wither and die, some begin to grow, but thorns choke off the growth and some seeds grow in good soil and produce a harvest of many grains.

 Jesus takes us all aside and explains what this means.  THE SEED IS THE WORD of God and Jesus is the Sower. The 1st reading describes The Word of God coming down to us like the RAIN that has been falling here each afternoon.  A farmer hopes that this rain will make the frijol, chili, and corn grow for a great harvest.  GOD the Father also hopes His WORD that is in the Bible will also produce an abundant harvest in us. 

 How many of you have a Bible?  Many people may have a Bible but let it sit in a place in the house and never read it.  Sometimes we begin a good resolution to read the Bible during Lent but that lasts about a week or so into Lent. Have you tried to read it and given up on trying to understand it?  If you are like me, it is not always easy to understand things in the Bible. Sometimes the pressures of work and shortage of time lets the Word get choked off by the worries that we have about making ends meet.  Yet there are people who read the Bible every day when they get up in the morning or in the evening before they go to bed.

 Where do you fall in terms of your use of the Bible, the Word of God?  Do you have a Bible that is in the closet under the Telephone Directory?  Do you have a big Family Bible that sits on a table in your living room?  It gives the appearance that the Bible is important for the family, but it is not really doing anything!

OR have you tried to read the Bible and given up on trying to understand it?  Actually Bibles are available today that have notes at the bottom of the page which help to understand the Word.  BUT sometimes we give up on reading the Bible because we are not rooted in the study of the Bible.

Many of us spend a lot of time on our cell phones worrying about our messages, going to APP sites, TEXTING, even while driving or eating while looking down at your phone messages.  Ask yourself honestly is the use of your phone choking off the Word of God in the Bible for you?  

I would suggest that you read a small portion of the Bible each day. Begin with a prayer turning to one of the 150 prayers which we call the Psalms, like Psalm 23:           The Lord is my Shepherd who walks with me through the dark valleys of life, who guides me and leads me and goes ahead of me.  He even holds me when I am tired and gives me real REST.  He anoints my head and gives me the promise of living in the presence of the Lord for all time.

  Follow this up by read a short passage from the Bible. Read it over several times and let a word or a phrase sink into your awareness. Then let the Lord explain what that word or phrase is meant to say to you.  The Lord promises that if you read the Word of God each day, you will see a great growth in your life, like picking fruit from your tree that you nurtured.

On the back of the Bulletin are selections that you can read from each day.  Some Bibles also have indications where you can find help for difficult times like if you are afraid? Then read this, if you are sad, read this, if you are discouraged, read this, if you are angry, read this. This upcoming weekend, during our Fiesta, we will have a Religious Information Booth and people will be there to give you information or answer questions.  They will have Bibles available and are willing to show you how to begin to read the Word of God and allow it to grow in your life. They will try to answer questions you have about the Word of God and show you how they are letting the Word of God produce an abundant harvest of Understanding in their lives.

Today Jesus made it easy to understand his teaching and He will guide you each day, if you give Him some time to do it! Jesus makes it clear:  WORLDLY ANXIETY AND THE LURE OF RICHES can choke off the WORD of GOD and the WORD that is being choked off is the Word FATHER! 

 You too, like me, will be able to say, I really like taste the sweetness of the Word of God and it is very satisfying to see it  producing spiritual fruit in my life.

14th Ordinary Sunday


My YOKE is easy and my burden is light’ the Lord tells us today.  He invites us to come to Him and take up HIS YOKE and learn from Him that these burdens can be light and easy.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT A YOKE IS?   It is a round shaped collar which is put around a horse’s neck or a wooden beam around an animal so that it can pull a heavy burden that the person cannot carry.  The neck of the animal takes the weight of the burden which is being pulled along.  These neck muscles get tight and tense, like we do when we are feeling a burden or something is stressful or worrisome in our lives.  We generally feel tension in the shoulders and neck areas when we are under pressure, or STRESSED out about a situation.  When a parent cannot make ends meet, or a family situation is difficult, no doubt the tension is felt in all of the body but the neck and shoulders.  So a YOKE is a device in which the animal can pull along the weight of a wagon or other device for carrying something that is heavy and difficult to move forward. 

WHAT ARE THE BURDENS THAT YOU ARE CARRYING NOW which are heavy and you are laboring to carry?  Perhaps it is a physical situation or an emotional problem or maybe a family problem that is hard to deal with.  Sometimes there are tragedies which seem unfair such as a car wreck. Maybe it is the death of a loved one which is hard to bear.  Sometimes there is a difficult in a marriage or a parent dealing with a son or daughter or a child dealing with a difficult parent or situation at school.  These are heavy burdens that many of you are carrying each day and sometimes you want to say or have said: THAT’S ALL I CAN CARRY!  I can’t go on like this!  This is too much for me to bear!  Sometimes we give up hope of being able to carry the burden and people have turned to drugs or other drugs of their choice to escape from the pain of the burden they are carrying. 
But there are also the spiritual burdens like having to come to Mass each Sunday or not eat meat on Friday or following the teaching of the Church on Birth Control or other issues, or thinking that God is PUNISHING ME or others in PURGATORY.  These spiritual burdens seem like they are imposed by someone who want to burden us down with many rules and commands which are getting hard to carry.

How does Jesus then say that carrying HIS YOKE will be easier????  He invites us to come to Him and learn from Him.  WE ARE HIS DISCIPLES, learners who are wanting to follow Him, but like St. Peter reacted saying: We have left everything and what are we going to get for leaving our security of fishing to follow a man who has nothing to promise?  Jesus tells him and us that we will receive a hundred more family members, AND PERSECUTION, but in the end ETERNAL LIFE!  Peter later decides to follow the Lord because whom else promises eternal LIFE?  But when it comes time to take up the cross that Jesus carries, Peter and the others run away out of fear of the burden of this intense suffering AND FOR WHAT?  They do not see the Resurrection, the Sunday VICTORY, only the pain and suffering.  Jesus tells them that a woman as she labors to give birth has intense pain, but when the mother sees the new LIFE, she begins to forget the pain. It was well worth it, vale la pena as we say.

If we only see going to Mass every Sunday as a burden, then we have not seen the reason and motive for gathering each Sunday. Saint Pope John Paul II wrote: ‘Every 7 days the Church celebrates the Easter mystery.  The resurrection of Jesus is the fundamental event upon which Christian faith rests. Sunday is above all an Easter celebration.’ So if we can focus on the real MOTIVE for the command of the Church to come here: to deepen our understanding of the center of our faith in Jesus, THEN the BURDEN is light and easy because it helps us to carry all the other burdens in an easier way. 

Then we also have to learn from Jesus as to the reason and MOTIVE for his suffering and death on the cross.  AS we say in the Creed: FOR OUR SAKE He suffered and died and from that death, comes forgiveness, the power to forgive and the promise of a life after death.  IF YOU BELIEVE IN ME………

The MOTIVE that we need to come to in any work or family burden is not to carry it out of DUTY, but out of LOVE.  A person works BEST when they do not work mainly for the SALARY, but the good of the family or for the person they attend like a nurse who attends a patient out of LOVE, not out of DUTY.  That makes a big difference, when our motive is LOVE FOR ANOTHER PERSON.

Finally, PSALM 145 today tells us that the Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness. The Lord is good to all and compassionate toward all his works.  This Psalm and Psalm 103 give a quite different understanding of God rather than the one we have invented or made to think is God.  When we open the pages of the Bible we find that God is quite different than we imagine and does surprising things and impossible things and we learn who God is FROM THE ACTIONS AND EXPERIENCES WE SEE IN JESUS!  So the more we study Jesus and FOCUS on HIM, we learn HIS MOTIVES and HIS ACTIONS then need to become ours and our burdens will lighten.  It is like the little boy who was carrying another boy on his shoulders.  Fr. Flannigan asked the boy if he wanted help to carry the boy who seemed pretty heavy.  The little boy simply replied and revealed the way it is: HE’S NOT HEAVY, HE’S MY BROTHER!  So the relationship we have, the MOTIVE we have makes all the difference and makes our burdens, and the yoke of JESUS LIGHT!


day- Body and BLOOD of Jesus

Have you ever had a blood transfusion?   When I had my surgery on my liver, I needed a blood transfusion for all the blood that I had lost.  After I got a little better, my brother and my sister decided to donate blood at the hospital because of the blood that I had received, out of gratitude for the people who had donate their blood to save my life.  The blood of another person becomes the source of recuperation of strength until the body itself can again produce it’s own blood and nourishment.

Most of you might say that you did not receive a blood transfusion, but actually everyone of us have had one when we were in the womb of our mother for 9 months.  There was a umbilical tube that connected us to our mother and through that tube flowed blood and oxygen and all the necessary nutrients that we needed to grow and sustain ourselves until we were fully born and able to create our own blood apart from the mother’s blood.

Jesus tells us that HE can give us HIS BLOOD which will give us life. Isn’t it amazing that God can pour into us the blood that can sustain us and keep us nourished when our spirit is getting weak and in need of strength.  This is the Holy Communion which we receive each day we come here.  In the past the emphasis has been on the host that we receive on the tongue, but I would like to remind ourselves that we received the body AND BLOOD of Jesus in our COMMUNION with our God.  We receive His STRENGTH which gives us the necessary nourishment to overcome any difficulty or suffering. 

One of the symbols that was taken up by the early Christians is the mother PELICAN who according to legend in time of famine, would wound herself, bite her flesh, striking her breast with her beak in order to fee her young with her blood to prevent starvation.  Another tradition was that the mother fed her dying young with her blood to revive them from death, but in turn lost her own life for them.  This is true love and is really what Jesus talks and commands us to have: to lay down our life for those who are our friends.

This image of giving of blood for another person to survive is surely what we hear each time I elevate the chalice and say: THIS IS THE BLOOD OF THE NEW COVENANT WHICH IS POURED OUT FOR YOU AND FOR ALL FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS.      DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME.

Jesus gives us his blood so that we can be forgiven of our sins.  But in turn, out of gratitude, we should want to respond to this great love by being willing to give our life for those who are in need of food and nourishment.   But we cannot do that unless we appreciate the GIFT, like a child who finally understands what a mother has done in this mysterious way to give us life and development from the moment of our conception.  JESUS gives us HIS BLOOD for our LIFE, to give  us real life, something of his life, HIS BLOOD for us to purify us of any sin which can destroy our lives.  WHAT are we going to do in RESPONSE?  The Eucharist is a word which means the ACTION OF GIVING THANKS.  Can we today and more often, GIVE THANKS and then GIVE OUR BODY AND BLOOD FOR THOSE WHO ARE DYING SPIRITUALLY?

Jesus, before he Left the Disciples told them, commanded them, sent them to make DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS, baptizing and teaching all that He commanded, all of his commands, especially to love one another as He has loved us. Then we hear:They were all in one place together and suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, also tongues as of fire and came to rest on each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different tongues of the might acts of God.

This description of the coming of the Holy Spirit gives us much to visualize and consider on this new day of Pentecost.  It tells of the 11 disciples, the Blessed Mother and the other women who had followed Jesus as his disciples, about perhaps 120 believers (Acts 1:15) who are mentioned previously, gathered in the upper room where they were in prayer.  ( We don’t know if all of the 120 were there in the room at that time.)This was the room of the Supper, the room where they hid from the Jews, this was the locked room where Jesus broke in and breathed on them the power of the Resurrection, the power to forgive sins, by the giving of the Spirit of the Father and Son. This is the room where they came back together and waited for this great event to happen, the powerful Spirit of God entering that room full of fear filled men, who then became brave, courageous, witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus.  They began to speak to ALL NATIONS as Jesus had called them to do: GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS, Baptizing them and teaching them and assuring them that HE would be WITH them till the end of the world.  The change was so dramatic in these men that the people in Jerusalem who heard them thought they were drunks, but Peter assured them in a sort of funny way that it was only 9 o’clock in the morning when a drunk is not yet drunk and speaking with this sort of enthusiasm.

This dramatic change from cowards to DISCIPLES sent out to invite all people of all nations to accept Jesus as the Savior, the Christ, the Messiah, was such a change that we are astounded how this happened.  When they spoke to all people in all their languages, it reminds us of how we now also speak to people in SPANISH or whatever language that is native to the people so that they understand in the CLEAREST way what is being said.  So we also speak in English or Spanish, depending on what background and language the person is best able to understand.  GOD WANTS to communicate clearly to all people!  This is the word CATHOLIC which reminds us that we are sent to speak and invite people of all languages to get acquainted with Jesus and become his Followers, His disciples.  For that reason also, we have BIBLES available in all languages so that people of all languages will understand what is being offered to them.

So are we remembering only an historical event that was the launching of the disciples on their mission? NO it is the ongoing coming of the Holy Spirit into our world like a strong blowing wind that descends on those who are in prayer asking for that power to forgive and forget the sin, that power to go out and make disciples of all people. It happened most dramatically this weekend when 32 men gathered in retreat with a team of 20 men, all speaking in Spanish. These men who came afraid and maybe resistant, are going back to their families with a joy and change of heart to become disciples of Jesus and invite their families to become disciples of Jesus.  They found a new relationship with Jesus that came about from the Holy Spirit of the Father and Son that came upon them in new ways.  They are going out like the disciples, not drunk on alcohol, but full of the spirit of Jesus.

Each of also need to gather in prayer and ask that the Spirit of Jesus come into us like a strong wind and descend on each of us in tongues which can explain the faith as a relationship with Jesus.  We then become His Disciples and invite all to become his Disciples.

A word on the word DISCIPLE:  A disciple is one who follows a teacher, like an apprentice who studies under a great master, or like a master carpenter, a master musician or a noted Surgeon. There is need for study and focus on the ways and wisdom of that special person. WE focus on JESUS! He is the one we learn from and study under.  One of the best ways to study and know Jesus is through the reading of the Bible and the Gospels. Prayer is also very important: TALKING with Jesus each day and when we come to CHURCH. How often we come to church each Sunday out of OBLIGATION and little focus on TALKING AND LISTENING TO JESUS AND THE WORD OF GOD.  How fortunate we are to be called, invited to be His Disciples.

Secondly, we do this together as a group as we gather.  We gather as the 120 people because we have the same Jesus who are following and loving. We all have a common work or mission to carry out, given by Jesus.  We all have a unity of purpose and share a same destiny or goal: Make disciples of all people.  So let us carry out that mission, WITH THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!  Jesus calls us and sends us out to baptize and teach all that He commanded.  That is our work, that is what we now have the power to do and to teach HOW TO FORGIVE, because we are forgiven by the power of the Spirit of Jesus and the Father. How fortunate we are. Let us break out also of our rooms of fear!


Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Introduction to the Liturgy of the Day

Perhaps we can call today “Wisdom Sunday.” In the first reading we encounter King Solomon, who in this famous scripture passage asks for wisdom instead of riches. Every day of our lives we are confronted with decisions and choices. It’s often a challenge to know what the right thing to do is. As we continue with our worship today, perhaps our prayer can echo that of Solomon, and we can ask for the grace of discernment in our own lives.


Introduction to the Liturgy of the Word

Our Gospel readings have shifted from a focus on the effects of God’s word to Jesus’ efforts to describe and explain the kingdom of God. It is likened to treasurer other things of great value, but Jesus makes it clear that there is still a sorting process. Perhaps as we listen to these readings today we can, together with Solomon, ask for wisdom so that we can discern signs of God’s kingdom in our midst. 


Decimoséptimo Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

27 de Julio 2014

Introducción de la Liturgia del Día

Quizás a este día pudiéramos llamarle “el domingo de la sabiduría”. En la primera lectura nos encontramos con el rey Salomón que en este pasaje tan famoso de las Escrituras pide sabiduría en vez de riquezas. Todos los días de nuestra oración de hoy, a medida que continuamos nuestra alabanza a Dios, pudiera hacer eco de la oración de Salomón y así pidamos la gracia del discernimiento para nuestra propia vida.


Introducción a la Liturgia de la Palabra

En enfoque de nuestras lecturas del Evangelio ha cambiado de los efectos de la palabra de Dios a los esfuerzos de Jesús para describer y explicar el reino de Dios. Se asemeja a un tesoro y a otras cosas de gran valor, pero Jesús deja bien claro que hay un proceso de escogimiento. Quizas al escuchar estas lecturas de hoy podamos unirnos a Salomón para pedir la sabiduría y así podamos discernir los signos del reino de Dios en medio de nosotros. 

Mass Intentions

Monday, 7/28, 7:00am

For the people of the Parish

Tuesday, 7/29, 7:00am

Intentions of Steinmetz Family by Yvonne Gutapfal

Wednesday, 7/30, 7:00am

VMarvin Steinmetz by Fred Krammer

Thursday, 7/31, 7:00am

For the people of the Parish

First Friday, 8/1, 7:00pm

Living & VDeceased Members of the Sacred Heart League

by the Sacred Heart League

Anniversary VCarmen Valdez by George

Saturday, 8/2, 4:30pm

VPeter, VLucas & VFrank Apodaca by Gonzales Family

VVidal & VEmma Padilla & VChristine Dominguez

by Rita & Julian Lueras

Blessed Virgin Mary for Peace in the World

by the Blue Army

St. Joseph by Leo Flores

Sunday, 8/3, 8:00am

VLalo Arias by Max & Judy Gomez

Special Intentions for Nick by Mom Emma

VNestor, VCelia & VRobert Martinez by Martha Martinez

VDennis Price by Wife

Sunday, 8/3, 10:00am

For the People of the Parish

Sunday, 8/3, 12:00pm

VRita De Leon Beloved Mother & Wife by Family

VTabitha & VSamantha Kenton by Mom Clementine & Dad

VHerman Santistevan by Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Garcia

VPauline Gonzales by Marylou & Miguel Gonzales & Family

Pray for the Deceased of the Parish

Grace Padilla – July 10, 2014

Molly Roybal - July 16, 2014


Pray for the Sick of the Parish

Julia Lucero, Maria Andrade, Sixta Gloria, John Fishel, Ernie Chavez, Jose Rodriguez, Mary Jean Chavez, Julian Gonzales, Gene Sena, Patricia Corona, Carlton Aldridge and Alice Baca.


Raffle Winners

Congratulations to all our Fiesta Raffle Winners!

First Place Winner: $3,000.00 – Matilda Zamora, Second Place: $2,000.00 – Fred, Magda, & Victoria Apodaca. Our $100.00 Winners – Zaval Martinez, Ana Moreno, Leola Kramer, Paul Gonzales, Jesus Ruiz, Lorraine Serna, Samuel Olivares, Chona Bilby, Ray Lopez, and Mary Vigil. Religious Articles Raffle: Clock - Clyde Padilla, Tapestry - Valerie Chavez, Crochet Cross - Sabino Varela and Guadalupe Statue - Art Martinez.

Congratulations to all!


 Holy Family Queen

Congratulations to our 2014 Fiesta Queen and her Court:

Queen, Ailyn Godinas, 1st Princess, Savannah Lovato,

2nd Princess, Vivana Martinez and 3rd Princess, Ali Juardo.


Car Show Winners

Thank you to all that participated in our Fiesta Parade, and the

Car Show.  As always it is a fun time! I would like to thank the Judges for the Car show: Shane Standford, Diego Garcia and Troy Smith.  Also a special thank you to Lorenzo & Renee Maldonado at M & R Designs, for donating the Plaque Trophies for the Winners of the Car Show.  The Winners are as follows:

Rose Chavez - Modern, Louella Saavedra - Low Rider,

Paul Chavez - Original, Ross Garcia - Hot Rod, and Henry Baca (deceased) Truck. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

A special THANK YOU goes out to all our Fiesta Volunteers.

We thank you for all your hard work and faithfulness.

We thank all parishioners for all the donations we received.

Thank you to all that participated in our Fiesta Parade and Car Show. The Entertainment was great! Thanks again to ALL!! 

A BIG special THANK YOU to our Chair women, Thelma Aragon & Marty, John Padilla Co-Chair for all their hard work, and to all the Fiesta Committee for all their time and & Commitment of the planning of our Fiestas. With everyone’s help, our Fiestas was a big Success!! 


Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Every First Friday, the Sacred Heart League has Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament immediately following the 7:00am, Mass until 6:00pm. Everyone is welcome to visit with the Blessed Sacrament. Join us on Friday, August 1, in Mary’s Chapel.


Please help our Church with your Time Talent or Treasure.

We want to thank all those that have helped with the clean up of our Parish grounds.  Our yards are looking lots better. If you and your families can give a few hours of your time every week to keep the yard up, this would be a great ministry for your family.

Religious Education Registration 

Please mark your calendar the last dates to register for Religious Education will be on Saturday, July 26, after the 4:30pm Mass and Sunday, July 27, after every Mass. Registration fee is $40.00 for registered parishioners, $50.00 for non- parishioners, $10.00 after the first 2 family members attending classes for parishioners and non-parishioners. Please bring on day of registration: Your Sunday Envelope with your family name and number and copy of the child’s baptism certificate.

Show Reverence

We recognize the real presence of the Lord when we come into Church, and make a genuflection or profound bow.  Please also teach your children to do this when they come into Church.

Abuse Awareness Training for Adults

If you are a newly Commissioned Eucharistic Minister or if you are employed or volunteering for the Archdiocese or any of its entities and all those that work with children and youth in any capacity you are required to attend an Abuse Awareness Class.  Join us on Saturday, August 16, from 9:00am to Noon, at the Catholic Center, 4000 St. Joseph Pl. NW, Albuquerque, 87120. Pre-registration is necessary. Contact: Annette in the Victims Assistance Coordinators Office 505.831.8144. Note: Do not bring children. No one under age 18 is allowed in the workshop. These workshops are sponsored by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.

Produce Good Fruit

The death of Christ on the cross makes satisfaction for our sins and saves us through our faith in him. Genuine saving faith, which alone saves us without works, always works and is never alone but produces good works as its fruit. By our fruit we will know whether or not we have saving faith; and we will be rewarded according to our works in the degree of glory we will receive in the fullness of the kingdom.

Empowering the Faith a Young Adult Sharing Group
Session 1:  Putting the Pieces Together (Faith) 
Date:  Tuesday August 12, 2014. At the Flying Star Downtown 723 Silver Ave SW. Time:  7:00pm-8:00pm. This is for Young Adults Ages 18 (out of high school)-30+. Additional Dates: Tuesday August 19th, Tuesday September 8th, Tuesday August 26th, Tuesday September 4th, and Tuesday September 2nd.

Registración para las clases de Educación Religiosa
Por favor tome nota que la registración para el próximo año de Educación Religiosa se llevará a cabo el sábado 26 de julio después de la misa de las 4:30 pm  y el domingo 27 de julio después de todas las misas.  Para los feligreses registrados la inscripción costará $40.00 y para los no registrados $50.00. Para el segundo miembro de la familia que asista a las clases el costo será de $10.00 para registrados y no registrados. El día de la inscripción, favor de traer el sobre del domingo con el nombre y número de la familia y copia del certificado de bautismo del niño.                                                                    

RICA Para Adultos 
¿Eres Adulto y necesítas algún sacramento? Ríto de Inícíacíon Crístíana para Adultos (RICA) de la Sagrada Famílía tíene el gran honor de ínvítar: A los adultos no bautízados en la fe catolíca que no han recíbido su primera comunión o confirmacíon. A esas personas bautízados en otras comunidades crístíanas a integrarse a la Iglesia Catolica.  Clases empezaran Agosto 19, 2014 a las 7pm para mas ínformación por favor llamar a cualquíera de estas personas: Angela Sotelo 974-7074, Juan Carlos Campa 915-346-3781 o a Marisela García 4363-9516.

Santísimo Sacramento será expuesto

Este próximo viernes es el primer viernes del mes. Habrá vigilia de adoración al Santísimo Sacramento empezando el viernes después  de la Misa de la 7:00am. En 1 de agosto, habrá adoración durante el día en Mary’s Chapel.

Holy Family Weekly Schedule

Monday, 7/28  

5:30pm  Contemplative Prayer – Mary’s Chapel

6:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Halloran – Hall

7:00pm  Acts Group – 4 Way Classrooms

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Tuesday, 7/29

1:00pm  Bible Study – 4 Way Classrooms

7:00pm  Liturgy Formation with Bro. Efren - Hall

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Wednesday, 7/30

6:00pm  Adult Children of Alcoholics / Dysfunctional

              Family Group – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

7:00pm  Al Anon Spanish – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

Thursday, 7/31

6:30pm  Nar Anon Group – Bro. Matthew Chapel

7:00pm  Clase de Liturgia con Bro. Efren - Hall

Friday, 8/1

5:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

6:30pm  Grupo de Oración – Parish Hall

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Saturday, 8/2  

10:00am Choir Ministry – Church

4:00pm   Religious Education Registration – Parish Hall

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Sunday, 8/3

9:00am   Sacred Heart League – Office Kitchen

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall


Collection for July 19 & 20, 2014

Envelopes $5,680.41

Children Envelopes $159.00

St. Vincent De Paul $175.00

Designated $235.00

Thank you for your very generous gifts to the Lord and your support for the works of our Church Family.



Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Introduction to the Liturgy of the Day

Here we are in the dog days of summer, and our Gospel story presents a picnic of sorts - the multiplication of loaves and fishes. As we celebrate our liturgy today, it might be good to reflect on the goodness of God who nourished us in our lives and in the Eucharist. Let us give thanks for God’s wonderful gifts to us.  


Introduction to the Liturgy of the Word

The first line often seems overlooked when today’s Gospel passage is proclaimed at Mass: “When Jesus heard of the death of John the Baptist, he withdrew… “John was Jesus’ cousin; this was a death in the family. Yet in the midst of his grief, Jesus takes pity on the crowd and ministers to them. As we hear this story of grief and ministry and miraculous feeding unfold, what lesson can we draw for ourselves today?   


Decimoctavo Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario

3 de agosto 2014

Introducción de la Liturgia del Día

Henos aquí, en los días del calor opresivo del verano, y la historia del Evangelio no presente un tipo de picnic o de excursion campestre con la multiplicación de los panes y los peces. Sería bueno reflexionar durante la celebración de nuestra liturgia de hoy acerca de la bondad de Dios, que nos nutre en esta Eucaristía y alimenta nuestra vida. Demos gracias por los maravillosos dones que Dios nos ha concedido. 


Introducción a la Liturgia de la Palabra

Parece como si el primer renglón del pasaje del Evangelio que se proclama hoy en la Misa se pasara por alto:”…al enterarse Jesús de la muerte de Juan el Bautista, subió a una barca y se dirigió a un lugar apartado y solitario”. Juan era primo de Jesús, se trataba, pues, de una muerte en la familia. Sin embargo, en medio de su pena, Jesús se compadeció de la muchedumbre y atiende a la gente. Al escuchar esta historia de pena y servicio, y de alimentación milagrosa, ¿qué lecciones podemos sacar para nosotros hoy? 


Mass Intentions

Monday, 8/4, 7:00am

VMarvin Steinmetz by Anita Back

Tuesday, 8/5, 7:00am

San Martin by Frances Moreno

Wednesday, 8/6, 7:00am

San Martin by Frances Moreno

Thursday, 8/7, 7:00am

For the People of the Parish

First Friday, 8/8, 7:00pm

VPhillip Cordova by Family

Saturday, 8/9, 4:30pm

VCarlos Hall by Virginia, Jamie & Quinten

VPiedad Armijo & VRoman Paiz Jr. by Family

VSaul Ramos by Family

Sunday, 8/10, 8:00am

Sacred Heart for favors received by Tillie Baca

VJulian, VMaria Lueras & VDavid Baca

by Rita & Julian Lueras

For the Health of Larissa Hurbert by Mom

Sunday, 8/10, 10:00am

For the People of the Parish

Sunday, 8/10, 12:00pm

VJimmy Kenton by Mom & Dad

VBenjamin C. Stewart by Marylou & Miguel Gonzales

St. Anthony in Thanksgiving by Cecilia Sena & Family

VKenneth & VDanny Martinez & VJessica Moreno

by Ana Moreno


Pray for the Deceased of the Parish

Johnny Herrera – July 22, 2014

Pete A. Baros – July 26, 2014

Pray for the Sick of the Parish

Julia Lucero, Melba & Ernie Vigil, Joe Smiel, Maria Andrade, Sixta Gloria, John Fishel, Ernie Chavez, Mary Jean Chavez, Julian Gonzales, Gene Sena and Patricia Corona.

Holy Family Baptismal Policy

Parent and godparents are to be registered and active members of Holy Family or any other Catholic Church for a period of 3 months prior to baptism. (To be registered, and active means that they be present at Mass, and use their envelopes regularly whether a monetary offering is given or not). The use of the envelopes is the most effective tool for proof of participation and activity. Parents and godparents who are not registered members of Holy Family Catholic Church are required to have a letter of permission signed by the pastor of their home parish.  Baptisms at Holy Family are never denied, but can be delayed due to registration status, permissions from home parish and found hope that the infant would not be brought up in the Catholic religion. To be a sponsor the following prescriptions must be met: Only one male, and one female sponsor.  The law does not allow for two males or two females to be sponsors at baptism. Be at least 16 years of age, be a Baptized Catholic who has been Confirmed, received the Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist and leads a life in harmony with the faith and the role to be undertaken.  Godparents if married must be married in the Catholic Church. Godparents may not be married by civil law only or a couple living in the same household as boyfriend and girlfriend. Parents and godparents are required to attend and instructional session once they are eligible and approved in the meaning of the sacrament and the obligations attached to it.  The next Baptism class will be held on Saturday, August 9, 2014. There is a $10.00 fee per person, per class. Register at the parish office no later than noon the Thursday before the class. Walk in’s are no longer accepted. No Children please!


Holy Family Blood Drive

Holy Family will be sponsoring a Blood Drive from 9:00am to 3:00pm on Sunday, August 17, in the Parish Hall.  We would like to thank those who donated and those who attempted to donate at our Blood Drive in May. The only way blood can be obtained for those who are sick, have been in an accident or are undergoing surgery is through volunteer blood donors like you. If you are eligible to donate, please share this precious God-given gift of life and encourage others to donate also. Remember to eat, drink plenty of water and bring your photo ID. To schedule an appointment, please contact Judy at 842-5426.


Please help our Church with your Time Talent or Treasure.

We want to thank all those that have helped with the clean up of our Parish grounds. Our yards are looking lots better. If you and your families can give a few hours of your time every week to keep the yard up, this would be a great ministry for your family.


Vecinos del Bosque Neighborhood Association Extends a special invitation to attend our 21st National Night Out Celebration on Tuesday, Aug 5, from 6-9 p.m. The annual event, which includes food, entertainment, and an opportunity to mingle with several hundred neighborhood residents, takes place at Valle Del Bosque Park, 480 Sunset Road  SW.  Vecinos del Bosque will celebrate our unique and beneficial relationships with representatives from the city and county police, sheriff and fire departments, as well as elected officials, and city and county representatives from the many departments.  Activities will be available for children, as well as door prizes, and raffle. The Blood Mobile will be at the park should you care to donate blood, and lessons in CPR will be offered. Come and join us for National Night Out Potluck Neighborhood Party. Please bring a Pot luck dish. The Vecinos Del Bosque Neighborhood Association will provide Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.


St. Pius High School Fund Raiser

The annual St. Pius X High School Fund Drive Raffle is underway, and the grand prize this year is a $25,000 voucher toward the purchase of a new or used vehicle of winner’s choice from Quality by DiLorenzo! Students will be on hand after masses on August 9 & 10 for you to purchase raffle tickets for $2 each. The drawing will take place after the all school 10am mass on November 1st. Thank you for supporting Catholic education and the only Albuquerque Catholic High School.

Paschal Mystery   

When Christ saves us by his Paschal Mystery through our faith in him, we are forgiven for our sins and given a new life in Christ. We henceforth live through him and because of him. We draw our life from him.                                                               

RICA Para Adultos 
¿Eres Adulto y necesítas algún sacramento? Ríto de Inícíacíon Crístíana para Adultos (RICA) de la Sagrada Famílía tíene el gran honor de ínvítar: A los adultos no bautízados en la fe catolíca que no han recíbido su primera comunión o confirmacíon. A esas personas bautízados en otras comunidades crístíanas a integrarse a la Iglesia Catolica.  Clases empezaran Agosto 19, 2014 a las 7pm para mas ínformación por favor llamar a cualquíera de estas personas: Angela Sotelo 974-7074, Juan Carlos Campa 915-346-3781 o a Marisela García 4363-9516.

Sagrada Familia Polizas Para Bautismo

Los padres y padrinos deben estar inscritos y ser miembros activos de la Iglesia Católica Sargrada Familia o cual quier Iglesia Católica durante un período de 3 meses antes al bautismo, (estar inscrito y ser miembro activo significa asistir a misa y utilizar sus sobres regularmente, sea que entregue una ofrenda monetaria o no). El uso de los sobres es la herramienta más eficaz para probar su actividad y participación en la parroquia). Los padres y padrinos que no sean miembros registrados de la Iglesia Sagrada Familia deben tener una carta de autorización firmada por el pastor de la parroquia a la cual pertenecen. Los bautismos en Sagrada Familia no se niegan, pero puede retrasarse hasta que los padres y padrinos cumplan con los requisites anteriores, o hasta que haya una esperanza sólida de que el niño sera criado en la religion católica.   Requisitos para los padrinos: Un hombre o una mujer bastan; si son dos, deben ser uno de cada sexo. La ley no permite dos hombres o dos mujeres para padrinos de bautismo, ni más de dos personas. Al menos 16 años de edad, ser un Católico  Bautizado que ha sido confimado, recibido el Sacramento de la Santa Eucaristía y que lleve una vida en armonía con la fe y con el papel al que se están comprometiendo. Los padrinos, se están casados, deben estar casados en la Iglesia Católica. Personas viviendo en union libre o casadas solo al Civil no Pueden fungir como padrinos.  Una vez que los padres y padrinos sean aprobados como elegibles, deberán a asistir a una sesión de pláticas. Personas de otras parroquias pueden tomar sus pláticas en su parroquia y presentar un comprobante de esas clases, a la parroquia de Sagrada Familia. El promixo Clases sera el sabado, 9 de agosto, a las 9:00am hasta las 3:00pm, en el Salón Parroquial. Pueden registra el la oficina no mas tarde de el jueves al medio día, antes de clases. Por favor NO traer niños al clases.

Holy Family Weekly Schedule

Monday, 8/4  

5:30pm  Contemplative Prayer – Mary’s Chapel

6:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Halloran – Hall

7:00pm  Acts Group – 4 Way Classrooms

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Tuesday, 8/5

1:00pm  Bible Study – 4 Way Classrooms

6:30pm  RCIA for Adults – San Francisco Room

7:00pm  Knights of Columbus – Bro. Matthew Hall

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Wednesday, 8/6

6:00pm  Adult Children of Alcoholics / Dysfunctional

              Family Group – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

7:00pm  Al Anon Spanish – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

Thursday, 8/7

6:30pm  Nar Anon Group – Bro. Matthew Chapel

Friday, 8/8

5:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

6:30pm  Grupo de Oración – Parish Hall

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Saturday, 8/9  

9:00am   Baptism Class – Parish Hall

10:00am Choir Ministry – Church

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Sunday, 8/10

1:30pm   Emmaus Women’s Group – San Jose Room

2:30pm   Secular Franciscan – 4- Way Classroom

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall


Collection for July 26 & 27, 2014

Envelopes $6,008.95

Children Envelopes $109.22

St. Vincent De Paul $407.00

Designated $83.00

Prayer Group $169.32

Thank you for your very generous gifts to the Lord and your support for the works of our Church Family.




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