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Feast of Christ the King and the final exam 

Have you ever taken a final exam and had the questions for the test beforehand? That would make the exam a lot easier to prepare for. We are given today the final exam that Jesus will judge us on. Yet they challenge us to prepare for that exam because Jesus, the King of all people will judge us. He will judge by his criteria and what He considers important for us to learn and live, rather than how we might judge ourselves and others.  The standard for judgment is compassion and care for the weak, but also to recognize that Jesus is present in the most weak and poor around us.  Each group asks   WHEN did we see You, Jesus and where were you.  The Lord answers each group by saying that He was present in the hungry person, in the naked person, in the sick person, in the stranger or immigrant and in the one who was in prison for being unable to pay their debts.  The point of judgment is whether you Did something for Jesus or did Not do anything for Jesus.  So it is really WHO we saw or did not see. Did we see Jesus or only a poor person whom we helped?

This is the Challenge: SEEING Jesus in that other person, especially the most poor and needy.  A psychologist once told us that when he began to apply this insight toward his wife and saw her as Jesus, his whole marriage took a turnaround.  He had a greater reverence, respect, love, caring and tenderness for his wife.  He treated her differently, because what he did to her, he was doing to Jesus.

This is what Mother Teresa of Calcutta said: ‘ I see Jesus in every person.’ To be able to see in that manner, she had a rule for her sisters:  If you work 4 hours out on the street with lepers, dying persons or anyone you see as poor, then you have to spend 4 hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament where the Lord is present too.

So how would you fair if you were to be judged today?  Have you seen Jesus in the Poor person, the homeless, the sick person, the one needing clothing, in the immigrant mothers and children and in the person in prison?  Yes we see people standing on the street crossing with a sign asking for help, but do we see JESUS?

So there are two levels of seeing: seeing the person in need, like the immigrant/stranger who is a person/mother fleeing for safety or children who have escaped from gangs in Central America or certain death. On the second level, do you see JESUS in that person, that poor child Jesus who was born in a stable and was taken up in the night be Joseph along with his mother and had to flee in the night to escape the hatred/jealousy and killing that Herod intended for the child.  Is that much different than the children feeing from the threat of death?  YET, many want to sent THEM back, because of breaking a law, when we are breaking the law of Christ which calls us to see Jesus in these children and to see Jesus who broke the Sabath rest and out compassion, healed the sick and fed his disciples.  He too was an immigrant escaping the scourge of death threats and breaking a law for a greater law, the law of LOVE. 

So let us exam ourselves and ask if we will pass the final exam.  Remember the old saying:  ‘If they arrested you for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Fr. Gerry and a group of 10 people and priests will be making a prayer pilgrimage to El Salvador in January.  They are raising funds to help teenagers stay in school and start a bakery.  The money raise will be taken to them in January.  Several people from the group will be selling tickets for a Pupusa supper run by a Salvadoran women at her restaurant t on Bridge and Goff.  The supper will be held a week from Monday from 530 till 730 and will benefit the children and their families. Tickets are $15.00 for adults and $10.00 for children Stewardship Sunday-talents given and how we are using those talents in our Parish for the many services and ministries that are being offered. THanks to all of you who are using your gifts and thanks to God for giving so many wonderful gifts/Talents.  But don`t hide the talent you have been given.  AMERICA HAS TALENT and so do we!

Good morning.  I am_________________  a member of the Parish Finance Council. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your service to the parish family by your participation in bringing the Catholic faith into your family and forming them to become followers of Jesus.

 There are many of you who participate in ministries serving and preparing for the Sunday celebrations and preparing for other celebrations of Sacrament and wedding and funerals. 

Many of you participate in groups which help to teach and form our children, youth and adults to become more active in their relationship with Christ and the people in need of hope. There are also the many faithful people who are employed to facilitate the administration of the parish and maintain our buildings.  You do a great service for us all.  By being active in developing the faith you have been given in Baptism, you are developing the seed given to you of the Holy Spirit. We are thankful for your willingness to share your faith and developing your talents, your gifts. 

We also want to thank you for your financial support and offering which are needed to administer the needs of our parish.  Your help gives us people to Direct our Religious Programs for our children, youth and adults.  Your sacrifices make possible Music ministry, Secretaries and people who maintain our building for so many gatherings and celebrations.  We also have to pay utility bills just you at home and we have some examples of those monthly costs in a flyer in the bulletin.  Apart from that we made capital improvements like 3 new furnace and air conditioning units for our classrooms. This winter the children will have heat in their classrooms. The Fiesta and many other activities help our charitable works. With your financial help we can pay for insurance protection that runs more than $24,000 per year.  We also help students attending Catholic schools and the programs of the Archdiocese.  Thanks for your generosity and we ask you to continue to help us to your gifts for the development of our Parish family.

How horrible when someone kills an endangered animal. How could we let that happen? Yet even worse is what we are letting happen to the children and mothers running away from certain death in Central America. When we send them back, their lives are endangered by those who want to kill them. How can we let this happen?

We can do something!  Write a letter to President Obama, Michelle Obama who is concerned for children, to Homeland Security Secretary Johnson, to Senators Udall, Henrich, State Representatives. ..

WE CAN do something or collect needed supplies for children being freed on bail in Artesia (796-2024), hosting volunteer attorneys for a night, (call 796-2024) or loan an RV for lawyers staying in Artesia(… For further information or to make a financial donation: Artesia Fund 5301 Ponderosa Ave. ABQ, 87110   or contact Fr. Gerry 306-6562

Children               2009       2010       2011       2012       2013`    2014

El Salvador          1221       1910       1394       3314       5190`    16,404

Guatemala          1115       1517       1565       3835       8068       17,557

Honduras``          968        1017       974        2997       6747       18,244

Total fleeing      3304       4444       3933     10,146   20,005   52,205

Below is a sample letter that you can quickly sign and send by mail, which is more likely to be read. Cut - send NOW! Together we can do something, so that endangered children and mothers are protected.




Michelle Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, DC  20500

Dear First Lady Michelle Obama,

                I admire your great concern for our children and their health in the US. I ask you to also show a mother’s concern for over 52,000 children and mothers who have fled and escaped certain death, rape or extortion.  They are running away, seeking protection, freedom from fear, and terror to our country that promises safety.  Mothers and children are being detained in Artesia, NM. Please help these mothers and children to stay here.  Some have been returned home and killed. Please help them. Talk to the President for them because you have the best chance to make HISTORY that all children will remember.  Thank you for your compassion for all children.



St. John Lateran

When I was ordained, the Priest who preached at my first Mass spoke of the Church using his fingers to show the tower of the church, the doors and when the doors open, there are the people.  It was a wonderful example of what we hear in the Word of God today, especially when St. Paul reminds us that we are temples of the Holy Spirit.  Just like this Temple called a Church is a building with walls, roof, and doors, the real Church is the people inside, you and I who are like’ living stones built on the cornerstone of Jesus.’  We form a church as St. Paul tells us today: “You are God’s building and each of has that identity of church in us and so: “Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? But St. Paul also warns us that if anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person, because that Temple is holy by the presence of God’s Spirit.  So when Jesus saw what was destroying the Temple in Jerusalem, he acted as a prophet and took strong measures and cleaned up what was trying to destroy the Temple:  the greed, the desire to make money on the poor, the consumerism of religious people trying to get ahead from the need to make animal sacrifices. This commercial setting took prominence and priority over what was the real meaning of the inside of the temple: sacrifice and the holiness of God.  The excessive concern for the buying the right animal for the sacrifice took over and destroyed the meaning of the Temple, and the holiness of the people.

So Jesus tells the people that He will destroy the Temple and in 3 days raise it up.  He was of course speaking of the temple of his Body as St. John is quick to point out.  This prophetic action reminds me of what Pope Francis in his 1st letter: The Joy of the Gospel wrote. He too presents a strong and prophetic challenge to our modern world:  “We have created a ‘throw away’ culture .  We have to say ‘thou shalt not’ to an economy of exclusion and inequality. Today everything comes under the laws of competition and the survival of the fittest, where the powerful feed upon the powerless.  As a consequence, masses of people find themselves excluded and marginalized without work, without possibilities, without any means of escape.  Human beings are themselves considered consumer good to be used and then discarded. . . One cause of this situation is found in our relationship with money: the denial of the primacy of the human person!  We have created new idols.  The worship of the ancient golden calf ahs returned in a new and ruthless guise in the idolatry of money and the dictatorship of an impersonal economy lacking a truly human purpose….. man is reduced to one of his needs alone: Consumption.’

These strong prophetic words challenge us in a similar way that Jesus did when he focused on what was destroying the temple:  the greed of those who were negotiating to make more and more.  We also are caught up in this consumerism when we are always looking at the latest thing that is offered for us to consume and ASSUME that this will bring us happiness.  When we seek and hope to find our happiness in THINGS, we no longer find our happiness in God and in serving the needs of the poor.

This is also the great message of the martyrs of Central America, especially Bishop Oscar Romero.  He wrote shortly before his death of his struggle against the very rich in our world.  ‘The cause of the evil here is the oligarchy, a small nucleus of families who don’t care about the hunger of the people.  To maintain and increase their margin of profits, they repress the people.’ This struggle continues in Central America and is the reason for the many children and mothers who have run away from this violence of repression and extortion.  We too have to stand back and analyze what is really destroying the families and children in our times and in our world.  It is clear that consumerism, wanting more and more things for ME is destroying us.  But also those who are seeking to make profit on the lives of others and the poor are deeply destroying our world.  So let us look and see what is underneath the growing destruction of our families and countries.  Then can we also see faces of those who are being destroyed, like the boy who saw his parents executed because they would not pay to have their business protected by a drug gang in Central America.  He then ran away, jumped a train called the Beast and after 1200 miles crossed over to find his hoped for freedom and refuge.  But some people believe that he is an economic BURDEN on us! We are called by the readings today to see that WE are TEMPLES of the Spirit of God and that these children too are Temples of God.  IF we DESTROY THEM, God will destroy us! Let us hear the cry of the poor, the widow, the orphan, the immigrant and be aware that GOD himself is calling out to us to not destroy these TEMPLES of God.


Isn’t it great when 631 laws of the Old Testament can be summarized in 2 commands:  ‘You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind and love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ These 2 commands bring together other teachings of the Lord of the 2 paths in life, one wide path that leads to destruction or destroying a person and the other path, a narrow one, which leads to life.  Moses when he presented the commandments to the people told them they had a choice between a path that led to death and the commandments which would lead the people to life and urged the people: CHOOSE LIFE!  So Jesus, the New Moses, offers us the 2 Commands which sum up the life of a Christian.  Both of these commands have their roots in the 1st reading from Exodus which focuses on 3 groups of unprotected people: the immigrant, the orphan/ widow and the needy who have to borrow money.  The Lord says:  ‘Do not molest or oppress an alien-immigrant, because you were immigrants too and don’t forget how you were treated in Egypt as slaves.’  But the widow or orphan are not to be wronged either or taken advantage of because when they cry out to God, God will respond as He did so many times in history.  Another focus is the lending of money in which a lender extorts by demanding interest from the borrower.  If a person gives a blanket as a pledge, the Lord commands that the lender give back the blanket for the night so the poor man will not freeze.  I don’t think Banks, loaning institutions, Title Loans companies and Tio Rico want to hear that this is a command from God found in the Bible.  These commands reveal a God of compassion, who calls us to be compassionate with the immigrant, the widow, the orphan and the person in need of money to live on.  This is the God that we are to love with all our heart, mind, and soul because this is the nature of the God we find in the Bible. (Unfortunately, this is not the type of God that we invent or imagine.)

To love God with all our heart, mind, and spirit seems easy at first, but we have to find the God who reveals himself in the Word of God, the Word that became flesh and visible in Jesus.  Jesus is the clearest revelation of God and so what we see and hear from Jesus is really the nature of the living and active God, a God of compassion for the most vulnerable.  WHO then are the most vulnerable today in the US today? One clear example are the more than 50,000 immigrant children and mothers who have migrated this past year from central American countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.  Recently a friar from Honduras sent me the numbers of children who have come since 2009 which was 3,304, thru 2013 = 20,005 and 2014=  52,205.  We cannot help but see this tremendous exodus of children and women over the past several years.  Mothers with children are being detained in Artesia awaiting a hearing as to whether they can stay and seek refuge from violence and death of their children.  Most do not understand English and cannot present a case to a Judge who is in Arlington, Virginia and sets a bond of $20,000 + to be released.  Now the judges are in Denver and lowering the bonds for release.  Some are be bonded out by family and several families in Artesia are helping to travel to their families as far away as Maryland.  Groups of faith filled people here in Albuquerque  are gathering needed supplies for these children and mothers and you can contribute or you can also help lawyers who are volunteering to help these mothers to present a due process case for refuge here in the US.  Yet our government policy is to try to send them back as soon as possible, because it seems to MOLEST us and demand us to house them.  DOESN”T THE 1st reading of the Word of God hit the nail on the head and call us to be compassionate to the immigrant and UNDERSTAND WHY they are fleeing their countries to come to the land of freedom and promise.

So the command to love God IS LINKED to our Love of Neighbor, because when we love the living God, we also recognize God in the person who is vulnerable and suffering.  As Mother Teresa of Calcutta said: “I see God in every human being.” So we also have to see GOD in every living person, especially the poor ones who are more clearly the POOR CHRIST who was born in a stable, was an immigrant escaping from the threat of death from Herod, and today who is fleeing from countries where the threat of death is as real as in the time of Jesus in Bethlehem.

The challenge today is to ask ourselves: DO I LOVE GOD AND MY NEIGHBOR with all my heart, my mind and soul?  If not, then I have to do some rethinking about WHO God is and In WHOM GOD is located today. When we discover where God is and what God has done for us, then we can Love God with all our heart and love our Neighbor as we Love Our self.

 Ordinary Sunday:“Give to God what belongs to God.”  What is on the coin?’ This coin is a silver dollar with the image of President Dwight Eisenhower with the inscription: In God we trust.  On every coin or paper bill, there is an image of someone important along with other symbols and words identifying what country has minted the coin or bill.  The coin minted by Caesar, which Jesus pointed to was coined to pay a census tax, was worth a day’s wage.  However, the Roman coin minted by Caesar also had an inscription of Caesar as Pontfex Maximus. This title held religious significance for the Romans for their religious practices. Caesar was the head of an Empire, but also head of their religion and worship of gods.  So it seems that Jesus was addressing this inscription, giving permission for the Jews to pay a government tax to the Roman Empire, but not accepting their religious practices and gods which they worshipped. We respect our government, but not a government which takes on the role of divine powers.  What belongs to God is what belongs to the Living God, the God that the Jewish people came to know in the Old Testament.  The role of civil authority to charge a tax for services is not questioned, but no government is given a divine authority.

 What belongs to GOD that we must give back? Let me use several examples:  When you are going to a birthday party, a wedding or special occasion, you usually take a gift.  But the value of the gift depends on the type of celebration or the person to whom you are giving thanks or celebrating.  When you give a gift of appreciation, it depends on the amount of thanks that you want to give or show to the person.  Even when you go to eat a meal at a restaurant, the person who pays the bill, usually calculates the tip for the server depending on the number of people served and the amount of the bill.  A tip is determined by leaving 10% or more for the server.  If the service is better than usual, the tip might be greater and the thanks warmer and a desire to come back again.  When I receive a donation for the church from a person outside the parish, I try to send the person a thank you note, no matter what the amount is.  But if the person gives a very large donation, I would consider a BIGGER OR BETTER gift of appreciation. 

So when Jesus says:  GIVE BACK TO GOD WHAT BELONGS TO GOD. We need to consider:          What God has done for us,      

How valuable is the gift that was given to us.

Psalm 8 says: “O Lord our God, your greatness is seen in all the world! Your praise reaches up to the heavens.  When I look at the sky, which you have made, at the moon and the stars which you set in their places, what are human being that you think of them, mere mortals, that you care for them? Yet you made us only a little less than yourself. You have crowned us with glory and beauty, made us lord over everything you made, you place us over all creation: sheep and cattle and the wild animals too, birds and the fish and the creatures in the seas.  Lord our God, your greatness is seen in all the world!  I will praise you Lord with all my heart: I will sing with joy because of you. I will sing praise to you Almighty God. I will thank you Lord with my whole heart. I will recount all your wonders. I rejoice and delight in you, I will sing to your name, Most High God.”

This psalm reminds us of the greatness of a God who shares that goodness with us and all of God’s creation.  St. Francis of Assisi called all of Creation his Brother or Sister: Brother Sun, Sister Moon, and Sister Water. This vision of Francis, speaks of a great reverence and respect for God our Creator and a great recognition of the Creation that God has shared with us, ‘creating us in God’s image and likeness’ Franciscan teaching tells us that when we see beauty, we are led to the Creator of Beauty because God is Beauty.  One author says it is like seeing the connection between a Dance and the Dancer, between the Song and the Singer.  He goes on to write then that we need to see God in every human being and be also led up the ladder to the Creator Father, our God. .Mother Teresa of Calcutta saw this insight saying:  I see God in every human being.” 

So what can we give back to God?  Giving even 10% of our income each week is only a drop in the bucket for what we have received!  The Word of God suggests that we give our BODIES as a living sacrifice, rather than the custom of an animal sacrifice. Jesus gave His Body and Blood for our sake!  We can give our Bodies each day, for our brothers and sisters, especially the children in our homes, but also the 50,000 children who have come to our country.  WE CAN offer our Bodies for them, our service for them, and thus give back to God what belongs to God a LIVING SACRIFICE OF THANKS AND PRAISE.


Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

King of the Universe

November 23, 2014

Introduction to the Liturgy of the Day

In the long history of the Church, today’s solemnity was established rather recently. In the face of powerful and growing secular states in 1925, Pope Pius XI decided to designate the last Sunday in October as a day to recognize the universal rule of Jesus Christ. In 1969 the day was moved to a place of honor at the end of the liturgical year. So as we continue our celebration today, let us recognize Jesus as our universal King and Savior.  


Introduction to the Liturgy of the Word

What a vision the Gospel presents to us today! The Son of Man in his glory with all the nations assembled before him, judging the deeds of those gathered in his presence. And what are the criteria for judgment? Feeding the hungry and thirsty, clothing the naked, caring for the ill, visiting prisoners? In our modern international, economy it can be difficult to figure out who is responsible for what, but all of us must try. Today, let us think about we will answer the Lord’s questions.


Solemnidad de Nuestro Señor

Jesucristo Rey del Universo

23 de noviembre 2014

Introducción de la Liturgia del Día

En la larga historia de la Iglesia la solemnidad de hoy fue etablecida bastante reciente. Frente al crecimiento de gobiernos seculares poderosos en 1925, el papa Pío XI decidió designar el Ultimo Domingo de octubre para reconocer el reinado universal de Jesucristo. En 1969 esta solemnidad se movió para un lugar de honor al final del año litúrgico. Por lo tanto, al continuar nuestra celebración de hoy, reconozcamos a Jesús como nuestro Salvador y Rey universal.


Introducción a la Liturgia de la Palabra

¡Qué visión nos presenta el Evangelio de hoy! El Hijo del hombre en su gloria con todas la naciones congregadas ante él y juzgando las obras de todos los que están reunidos en su presencia. Y ¿cuál es el criterio para el juicio? Dar de comer al hambriento y de beber al sediento, vestir al desnudo, cuidar de los enfermos, visitar a los prisioneros. En nuestra economía internacional moderna puede ser dificil descubrir quién es responsable de qué, pero todos debemos de asumir esas responsabilidades a las que se refiere el Señor. Dediquemos un tiempo hoy a pensar cómo vamos a contestar alas preguntas del Señor.


Mass Intentions

Monday, 11/24, 7:00am

VAll Souls by Chavez Family

VMary Jean Sena by Sena Family

Tuesday, 11/25, 7:00am

VLa Vern Hoffmeir by Lestor

Wednesday, 11/26, 7:00am

VMarvin Steinmetz by Stan & Claire Steinmetz

Thursday, 11/27, 7:00am

Intentions of Steinmetz Family by Yvonne Gutapfel

VPrudence, VRubi Andrade by Jennifer Vinci & Family

VBernabe Pino & VJose Cruz by Roberta Lopez

VHector & VElizabeth Rodriquez by Mom

Friday, 11/28, 7:00am

VBob & VAnna Joe Kirchgasner by Trossman Family

Saturday, 11/29, 4:30pm

VJoe M. Herrera by Vita Herrera & Family

Sacred Heart by Rene Gallegos

VCrystal Marquez by Grandma & Grandpa

Sunday, 11/30, 8:00am

VBob & VAnna Joe Kirchgasner by Trossman Family

Santo Cayetano, VBuddy Baca & VPaul Jaramillo

by Rosalie Montano

San Cayetano, VJose & VLucilla Montano by Joe Montano

VDavid S. Chavez by Family

Sunday, 11/30, 10:00am

VJesus Gonzales Martinez by Norma Gonzales

Sunday, 11/30, 12:00pm

For the People of the Parish


Pray for the Deceased Members of our Parish

Tillie Lucero – November 8, 2014

Pray for the Sick of the Parish

Viola Abeyta, Gene Sena, Stacey Armijo, Millie Garcia, Abrian Naranjo, Salvador Rojas Cano, Daniel Gurule, Rita Granados Fuentes, Benita Barela, Elena Capistran, Ralph Gonzales and Renee Gomez.


Up Coming Events

Christmas Craft Fair - December 7, 9:00am-3:30pm- Hall


Thanksgiving Mass Schedule

Our Thanksgiving Mass will be held on Thursday, November 27, at 9:00am. We are asking you to bring nonperishable food items to Mass on that day for our St. Vincent De Paul food pantry.


Coat Drive                                                                                                                
Holy Family is collecting Coats or Sweaters for the needy of our parish. If you have a new or slightly used jacket or coat that you would like to donate, please bring them to the parish office.


The Family that Prays Together Stays Together

All families are encouraged to pray together at least once a day, perhaps at meal times. There are different ways to pray together: Grace before meals, evening prayers or a prayer to celebrate life. If practiced, it will enrich our personal and spiritual growth as individuals and families.


A Thanksgiving Blessing

Good and gracious God, as we gather together this Thanksgiving, we pause from the normal routines of our daily lives to give thanks and praise for the abundant blessings you have bestowed upon us. You have entrusted us with the wonders of your creation and given us the freedoms and opportunities to creatively collaborate in your divine plan. Bless all of us who gather here in your name. Give us the grace to be good stewards of your bounty, the courage to proclaim the Gospel in words and deeds; and the wisdom to claim nothing for ourselves, but return all to you, with increase.  Bless this food we are about to share and all those who brought it to our table. Bless our loved ones, family and friends who are not with us this day; and on those who travel, that they may reach their destinations safely. And in a special way, bless those who are less fortunate than we are today. Grant that we who are filled with your abundance never close our hearts to those most in need of Your mercy, particularly the hungry, the homeless and the poor.  We ask this through our Lord, Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with you the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen


A Happy Home Recipe

4 Cups of love                     2 cups of loyalty

2 spoons of tenderness      3 cups of forgiveness

1 cup of friendship              4 quarts faith

1 large bunch of smiles       1 barrel laughter

5 spoons of hope                3 cups of forgiveness

3 pints of consideration for others   

Take love and loyalty; mix thoroughly with faith, Blend with tenderness, kindness, and understanding, Add hope, friendship, and abundant laughter. Top freely with smiles and consideration for others. Bake with bright sunshine and Serve daily in generous helpings.


Add a Salad to your Thanksgiving Dinner

Five rows of Peas: Prayer, Perseverance, Politeness Promptness & Purity.  Three rows of Squash: Squash gossip, Squash criticism and Squash indifference. Five rows of Lettuce: Let us be thankful, Let us be unselfish, Let us be faithful to study, Let us follow Christ, Let us love one another.

 No Salad is complete without turnips: Turn up for Church, Turn up with a smile, Turn up with new ideas, Turn up with determination to make everything count for something good

and worthwhile.

Happy Thanksgiving

May you and your Family be blessed with a Happy Thanksgiving!  From Fr. Gerry, Fr. Erasmo and all the Parish Staff.

From the Parish Office

If you have had a change of address, please call or go into the office to update your census. If you are a young adult of 18 years old, you must come in to register on your own.   


Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd

As Thanksgiving Day approaches we are mindful of our need to be thankful everyday because the existence of the Good Shepherd Center and the capacity to carry out its mission depends very little on our own resourcefulness and predominantly on the generosity of our friends and benefactors.

Our Centers needs at this time: We are asking for men’s briefs in sizes medium, large and XXL. T-shirts, socks, an iron and ironing board (for job seekers to look presentable), back packs, blankets and bicycles.  All contributions are tax deductible. Please take donations to 901 Brother Mathias Pl. NW, or call 243-4238.

Misa Día de Gracias

Estamos pidiendo una colaboración de latas de comida en la Misa del Día de Accion de Gracias. El Jueves 27 de Noviembre a las 9:00am, para la Sociedad de San Vicente de Paul y sus obras de caridad por las familias mas necesitadas. Estamos aceptando Sweaters y Chaquetas para las personas necesitadas de nuestra Parroquia. Si usted tiene chaquetas y sweaters nuevos o de poco uso y le gustaría donarlos, por favor traigalos a la Oficina de la Parroquia.

Al Día La Información 

Necesitamos poner al día la información contenida en el censo de nuestra parroquia, para poder enviar los sobres para la colecta. Si su domicilio o su número de teléfono han cambiado por favor pasen a la oficina para hacer los cambios necesarios durante las hora de 8:30am hasta 4:00pm.

Holy Family Weekly Schedule  

Monday, 11/24

5:30pm  Contemplative Prayer – Mary’s Chapel

6:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Halloran – Hall

6:30pm  Bible Study with Santos – Office Kitchen

6:30pm  No Class - Religious Education 1st – 3rd

7:00pm  Acts Group – West Loft

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Tuesday, 11/25

1:00pm  Bible Study – 4 Way Classrooms

6:00pm  Adult Confirmation Church of Incarnation – Rio Rancho

6:30pm  No Class Adult RICA

6:30pm  Youth Growing Toward Discipleship

              Confirmation Class – Parish Hall

7:00pm  Knights of Columbus - Bro. Matthew Hall

7:00pm  Cursillo Leader School – Bro. Matt Classroom

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Wednesday, 11/26

6:00pm  Adult Children of Alcoholics / Dysfunctional

              Family Group – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

6:30pm  No Class Religious Education 4th – 8th

6:30pm  Youth Growing Towards Discipleship

7:00pm  Al Anon Spanish – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

Thursday, 11/27

6:30pm  Nar Anon Group – Bro. Matthew Chapel

Friday, 11/28

5:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

6:30pm  Grupo de Oración – Parish Hall

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Saturday, 11/29  

10:00am Choir Ministry – Church

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Sunday, 11/30

10:00am Youth Growing Toward Discipleship – Hall             

10:30am No Class First Holy Communion Program

2:30pm   Secular Franciscans – 4 Way Classrooms

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall


Collection for November 15 & 16, 2014

Envelopes $7,552.02

Children Envelopes $162.00

St. Vincent De Paul $61.00

Designated $619.00

Prayer Group $188.10

Thank you for your very generous gifts to the Lord

and your support for the works of our Church Family.

My good deed of the Week

I was quiet and cleaned my room.

by Matthew Ray Torres

First Sunday of Advent

November 30, 2014

Introduction to the Liturgy of the Day

Welcome to Advent, the beginning of another year in the Church! How quickly time has flown this autumn! Here we are, starting our annual preparation for Christmas, even though the television ads for Christmas began a month ago. How do we reconcile these two worlds? How can our Advent spiritual preparation acknowledge and even benefit from the Christmas frenzy around us? Maybe it is the alarm bell that we need to hear, to alert us to the coming of our Lord.


Introduction to the Liturgy of the Word

Our readings today continue the ideas expressed in the reading from the last two Sundays: we must be ready and watchful. Of course, what is different today is that we are beginning a new season of the Church year. But let us listen to God speaking to us through Isaiah: “Would that you might meet us doing right, that we were mindful of you in our ways! “ Listen for what God is asking of you today, as we begin this new season of watching and waiting.

Primer Domingo De Adviento

30 de noviembre 2014

Introducción de la Liturgia del Día

¡Benvenidos al Adviento el comienzo de otro año en la Iglesia! ¡Cómo ha volado el tiempo este otoño! Aquí estamos, empezando nuestra preparación anual para la Navidad, aunque los comerciales navideños en la tele comenzaron ya hace un mes. ¿Cómo reconciliar estos dos mundos? ¿Cómo puede nuestra preparación espiritual del Adviento reconocer y aun beneficiarse de la hysteria que nos rodea? Tal vez sea la alarma que necesitamos escuchar para advertirnos de la venida del Señor.

Introducción a la Liturgia de la Palabra

Nuestra lecturas de hoy continúan con las ideas expresadas en las lecturas de los dos domingos anteriores: debemos estar preparados y vigilantes. Claro que los diferente hoy es que comenzamos un tiempo nuevo en el año de la Iglesia. Pero escuchemos a Dios que nos habla a través de Isaías: “Tu sales al encuentro del que practica alegremente la justicia y no pierde de vista tus mandamientos”. Escuchar lo que pide hoy de ti Dios ahora que comenzamos este tiempo de vigilancia y de espera.


Mass Intentions

Monday, 12/1, 7:00am

Intention of Trinh Bui

San Antonio by F. Gonzales

Tuesday, 12/2, 7:00am

VMarvin Steinmetz by David & Bonnie Back

Wednesday, 12/3, 7:00am

VLa Vern Hoffmeir by Lestor

Thursday, 12/4, 7:00am

VBob & VAnna Joe Kirchgasner by Trossman Family

Friday, 12/5, 7:00am

For the Living & VDeceased Members of the Sacred

Heart League by the Sacred Heart League

Saturday, 12/6, 4:30pm

Blessed Virgin Mary For Peace

the World by the Blue Army

VAlbino Muller by Family

St. Joseph by Leo Flores

VTony Parson by Family

Sunday, 12/7, 8:00am

For the People of the Parish

Sunday, 12/7, 10:00am

VAndrew Miera by Family

Sunday, 12/7, 12:00pm

VBob & VAnna Joe Kirchgasner by Trossman Family

VHerman Santistevan by Family

VJulia Sedillo Gallegos by Gloria & Joaquin Chavez

VEsther Madrid by Louie & Peggy

Pray for the Deceased

Estela Sanchez – November 16, 2014

Juanita Carabajal – November 18, 2014

Pray for the Sick of the Parish

Lillyana Sanchez, Sherry Cline, Darlene Santistevan, Alfredo Perez, Ernest “Blue” Sena, Stacey Armijo, Gene Sena, Millie Garcia, Abrian Naranjo, Ralph Gonzales, Jim Pappas and Renee Gomez.


Adult Confirmation

Congratulations to the following people who celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation on November 25, 2014 at the Church of the Incarnation in Rio Rancho. Felicidades a las Siguentes personas que Celebraron el Sacramento de Confirmación el dia 25 de noviembre. Felisha Baca, Monica Baca, Rebecca Baca, Adam Castillo, Amber Liparoto, Robert Lopez, Erica Lovato, Reina Lucero, Barbara Lucero-Baca, and Shantel Wilson. A special thanks goes out to their instructor, Miguel Gonzales.


Holy Family Giving Tree

The Giving Tree will be set up in the Church Vestibule on the weekend of November 30th. Please take a tag from the Giving Tree and purchase what is on the tag, and return it to the parish office. Please do not wrap gifts. These gifts will be giving to the homeless. We want to thank Maria Padilla, she has been doing this for our parish for the past twenty years. For more information please call 506-1159.

No Baptism Class in December

We are not having a Baptism Class in December.  Our next Baptism Class is scheduled for Saturday, January 10, 2015, from 9:00am to 3:00pm.  Any one can attend our class, except children.  There is a $10 fee per person and must pre-register no later than the Thursday before the class, here in our parish office. The Godparents you choose: must be registered and Active in a Catholic Church, have all Sacraments, Baptism, 1st Communion, Confirmation and be married in the Church.

Advent Penance Service / Confessions
Mark your Calendar, Holy Family will be having a Penance Service on Monday, December 15, at 7:00pm. There will be several Priests available.      



How can I be a Disciple and Steward? Stewardship is about acting for others. Discipleship is about doing for others and not counting the cost. Even the smallest act of kindness can bring joy and relief to another. Seize every opportunity to show them God’s love through your acts of kindness: Share your TIME: Visit people that are lonely. Help with Religious Education, or join a Ministry. Share your TALENT:  Your talents are given to you to share with and for others. Serve your community by sharing your gifts. Share your TREASURER: Decide to give a percentage of your earnings to your parish each week. As you practice this giving regularly, you will grow into a lifelong habit of Christian generosity and stewardship.

Abuse Awareness Training for Adults

If you are a newly commissioned Eucharist Minister you need to attend this class. Only one class is necessary. All religious volunteers for the Archdiocese or any of its entities and all those that work with children and youth in any capacity are required to attend an Abuse Awareness Class. Join us on Saturday, December 6, at 9:00am to 12:00pm, at Catholic Center, 4000 St. Joseph Pl. NW, Albuquerque, 87120. Pre-registration is necessary. Contact: Annette in the Victims Assistance Coordinators Office 505-831-8144. Note: Do not bring children. No one under age 18 is allowed in the workshop.  Sponsored by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe.

Pope Francis Writes   
“We could never have imagined that the same Lord would become one of us and walk with us, be present with us, present in his Church, present in the Eucharist, present in his Word, present in the poor ...” In honor of Advent, we work to bring the hope of Christ to those who are suffering. In celebration of Advent, we share gifts with each other.

Mass for the Incarcerated

Join us for Mass on Saturday, December 6, beginning with the rosary at 4:00pm at Sacred Heart Parish, 412 Stover Ave SW, Albuquerque.  


The Correct Perspective

“There is an urgent need to recover a correct perspective on life as a whole. The correct perspective is that of eternity, for which life at every phase is a meaningful preparation. Old age too has a proper role to play in this process of gradual maturing along the path to eternity. And this process of maturing cannot but benefit the larger society of which the elderly person is a part.”


Relating Heart to Heart with Your Body 
A Meditative Writing Retreat with Fr. Francis Dorff, O. Praem. Join us on Saturday, December 6, 9:00am- 4:00pm. In this culture we are very prone to treating our body as a thing rather than as a life-long companion who has a lot to teach us about life.  This day will help you meditatively establish a person-to-person relationship with your own body as a way of personally experiencing your body`s wisdom.  This work can be especially meaningful for those who are sick or are going through a major transition in their life, and for those who want to experience the importance and inner wisdom of their body. No previous experience of meditative writing is needed. The Retreat takes place at the Norbertine Hermitage Retreat, 5825 Coors Blvd SW, lunch is included and a $55.00 offering is asked for the Retreat. To register, call 505-873-4399 or e-mail by Wednesday, Dec.3rd.

Now is the time to repent   
The coming of the Son of man in glory will be like the flood of Noah’s day. It came suddenly and destroyed them all for their sins. There was no time to repent. Now, not then, is the time to repent, change our ways, and reform our life so that we will be irreproachable and blameless on that day to meet Christ in the air. We must constantly reform and purify our ways now, for then it will be too late, and there will be no more opportunity to repent. Now is the time to repent and grow more each day to be ready to greet him when he comes.

Advent Retreat    
Join us at the Canossian Spirituality Center, 5625 Isleta Blvd SW. on Saturday December 6, 2014. Registration begins at 8:30am, Retreat will end with a Mass at 3:00pm. Offering is $35.00 includes lunch. Please call 452-9402 to register or online at

Al Día La Información 

Necesitamos poner al día la información contenida en el censo de nuestra parroquia, para poder enviar los sobres para la colecta. Si su domicilio o su número de teléfono han cambiado por favor pasen a la oficina para hacer los cambios necesarios durante las horas de 8:30am hasta 4:00pm.


Holy Family Weekly Schedule

Monday, 12/1

5:30pm  Contemplative Prayer – Mary’s Chapel

6:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Halloran – Hall

6:30pm  Bible Study with Santos – Office Kitchen

6:30pm  Religious Education 1st – 3rd - Hall

 7:00pm  Acts Group – West Loft

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Tuesday, 12/2

1:00pm  Bible Study – 4 Way Classrooms

6:30pm  Adult Confirmation – Santa Buenaventura

6:30pm  Last Day - Adult RICA – San Francisco Room

6:30pm  Youth Growing Toward Discipleship

              Confirmation Class – Parish Hall

7:00pm  Knights of Columbus - Bro. Matthew Hall

7:00pm  Cursillo Leader School – Bro. Matt Classroom

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Wednesday, 12/3

6:00pm  Adult Children of Alcoholics / Dysfunctional

              Family Group – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

6:30pm  Religious Education 4th – 8th - Hall

6:30pm  Youth Growing Towards Discipleship

7:00pm  Al Anon Spanish – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

Thursday, 12/4

6:30pm  Nar Anon Group – Bro. Matthew Chapel

First Friday, 12/5

5:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

6:30pm  Grupo de Oración – Parish Hall

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Saturday, 12/6  

10:00am Choir Ministry – Church

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Sunday, 12/7

10:00am Youth Growing Toward Discipleship – Hall             

10:30am First Holy Communion Program – Hall

2:30pm   Secular Franciscans – 4 Way Classrooms

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall



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