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Palm Sunday

Some people say: First impressions are lasting impressions. The impression that we saw a year ago of a new Pope gave a lasting impression of a humble, sincere, and joyful man of God.  He bowed down to ask the people, all of us to bless him and pray for him.  He has day by day impressed many people who found themselves distant from Jesus and God. They are attracted by his way of symbolizing the faith and joy that he has found in a relationship with Jesus.

Jesus also wanted to make a lasting impression when he came into Jerusalem. The people wanted a king who would run out the Romans and free them from the religious oppression of the Pharisees and their many restrictive laws.  So he chose to enter on a donkey, not a horse like the Romans would enter when they wanted to demonstrate their power and prestige.  He came in a simple way and wanted to give the impression of a humble king who would carry the burdens of others, just like the donkey would do. He made SERVICE visible to the people in the way he came into the religious center of the Jewish people.   As someone wrote, He came in an un god like way.  He shocked the people and the religious people of his time. 

Symbols are important because they speak of a reality, like a flower or a palm branch speaks a message. HOW do we show to others the faith and following of Jesus the Christ????????????What are the externals that people see in us?  DO THEY SEE ANY difference in us than any other person who might not be a follower of Jesus. If we are followers of Dallas Cowboys, a person wears a shirt or on his truck has the star that everyone know and recognizes as a committed  follower of that team.

What are the externals such as a cross or a rosary or a BIBLE WELL USED that might identify us as followers of Jesus the Savior?  But externals also have to be seen in an internal, interior life that corresponds to our life.  Otherwise, we might be considered hypocrites, not living what we profess to live.




At the end of a story or many of the readings of Parables and the Passion, we hear the conclusion, a happy ending.  Jesus is seen finally as the Son of God.  Why and how do the people come to this conclusion?  It seems that the way that the blind man was made to see by the healing of Jesus, is how these people and we begin to see Jesus as the real Son of God: it is a slow process where the person lets go of the concepts of who God is.   Someone wrote: “Jesus challenged the traditional views not only about how God behaves, but also about who God is.  Jesus’ own ministry made it clear that God’s reigning is neither a place nor a state nor a condition nor above all a concept---but a divine new way of acting that defies all previous categories of perception and interpretation.”  We would not imagine a God who does not demonstrate his power to strike and dominate the evil forces which SPIT on HIM, Placed a Crown of thorns on his Head and beat him, mocking him and taunting him to strike back or answer back.  HE instead, stood there trusting that the Father would forgive them and that Justice would win out, the justice of God the Father. 
DO WE or could we follow this non violent way of living?  Surely it will first of all take time for us to let go of our ways of behavior and thinking in regard to violence and bullying.  We are taught from little on to strike back and strike back harder.  NOW it is time to change these ways of thinking because they are not of God, but our human wisdom. Divine wisdom is seen in Jesus and this week we need to come to be able to say:  TRULY THIS IS THE ONE,THE SON OF GOD WHO I  BELIEVE can SAVE OUR WORLD FROM DESTRUCTION AND DEATH!

5th Lent

The story of the death and resurrection of Lazarus reminds me of someone who finds that their car does not start. They lift the hood and find that the battery is dead.  So they wait till someone comes along who will help them with battery cables.  Sometimes the wait is long till a friend comes or the AAA gets there to charge up the battery or jump the power of one car to the dead battery.  Usually after the person starts their engine, the person shouts: “TRY TO START YOUR CAR NOW!” And when the car turns over, there are great amounts of thank you s for the help that brought the dead battery to life again.

It is similar when Jesus finally arrives and goes to the tomb and tells Martha to believe that He has the power to start the life up of her brother again.  She is doubtful, but does what Jesus tells her to do: Take the stone away and then yells:  “Lazarus, come out” and he is brought to life again after being dead for 4 days. Jesus is the force and the charge that restores life, a power passing from one car to the dead battery that comes to life again. No doubt the people were thankful that Jesus had restored the life of Lazarus and their response was to believe that Jesus could do what He promised:  restore life after death.

What we want to remember is that Jesus LOVED Martha, Mary, and Lazarus.  He had become their friends and loved them for welcoming him to their home.  We remember that Jesus came to the home previously and Martha was worried and fearful in the work of hospitality.  Mary her sister, had chosen to sit at His feet and listen to him and Jesus reminded Martha and us that Mary had chosen a better place by sitting and listening and learning from Him.  Perhaps that is the reason that Jesus asks that great question:  DOYOU BELIEVE THAT I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE AND IF SOMEONE DIES, THEY WILL LIVE, IF THEY BELIEVE THAT JESUS CAN DO IT. Martha says that she is coming to believe this Promise.  No doubt her belief and trust in Jesus was greatly strengthened when she heard Jesus call Lazarus to come out of the tomb and her brother came out wrapped in his burial shroud.  She and many others began to believe more firmly in Jesus and his Power after see this happen.

The question can be also asked of us: DO YOU BELIEVE that I am the Resurrection and the Life and even if you should die, you would live?  This is the tough question that we also face when we see someone close to us lying in death.  DO YOU BELIEVE in the Promise of Jesus.  That was the way it happened to me many years ago when my mother died.  On the plane going back for the funeral, as I looked out the window at the clouds, I heard this voice say: DO YOU BELIEVE that your Mom will live, even though she has died?  I recall thinking that I had preached about this many times at funerals, but when it is your own mother, there is many other emotions that surface.  I recall thinking that it is hard to believe when it is someone so precious for you in your life.  But I have to apply the same belief to that person as to Lazarus.

Now the challenge is also to find the necessary faith to believe when it is the hour of our own death.  Will we look out the window and respond as Martha did?  I have come to believe that you are the Christ and that your promise will come true for me.

How can we deepen our faith in this Promise of Jesus? The best way is that we come each Sunday to look again at the death and the RESURRECTION OF JESUS.  As Pope John Paul II wrote:  Every seven days, the Church celebrated the Easter mystery.  This is a tradition going back to the Apostles, taking its origin from the actual day of Christ’s Resurrection---a day appropriately designated ‘the Lord’s Day.  The Resurrection of Jesus is the fundamental event upon which Christian faith rests (cf. 1 Cor 15:14) For the Christian9 ( all of us) Sunday is above all an Easter Mystery., wholly illumined by the glory of the Risen Christ.

So the main reason we come here each Sunday has to be seen clearly to enable us to more firmly believe that Jesus will complete with His Promise not only for our loved ones who

 So Jesus promises to raise up our Brother like Lazarus. In the end though, the real question for us is: DO WE TRULY TAKE HIM AT HIS WORD?  Do we believe that He will really raise us up too?  If you could do it for Lazarus, don’t you think He can do it for us?



Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

April 13, 2014

Introduction to the Liturgy of the Day

Our celebration today highlights the paradox of Jesus our King who was sentenced to die on the cross. After we bless the palm branches that we now hold, we will hear the story of Jesus’ passion and death, the story of God’s great love for us. May this celebration today lead us more deeply into this holiest of weeks, as we observe the solemn festival that marks the very center of our life of faith.


Introduction to the Liturgy of the Word

Our readings today focus on the great sacrifice that Jesus has made because of his love for us. The proclamation from Isaiah portrays God’s servant who hears God’s voice and does not turn back. Saint Paul tells us that Jesus’ sacrifice is what led to his glorification and our salvation. And in the Passion according to Saint Matthew, the Roman centurion proclaims that Peter could not bring himself to say: Truly, this was the Son of God! As we listen today, let us ask for the grace to recognize and acknowledge God’s saving action in our own lives.   


Domingo De Ramos De la Pasión del Señor

13 de Abril 2014

Introducción de la Liturgia del Día

Nuestra celebración de hoy destaca la paradoja de Jesús que, siendo nuestro Rey, fue sentenciado a muerte en la cruz. Después de bendecir las palmas que tenemos ahora en nuestras manos, escucharemos el relato de la pasión y muerte de Jesús, la historia del gran amor de Dios por nosotros. Que esta celebración de hoy nos conduzca más profundamente hacia la semana más santa de todas las semanas, y a conmemorar y vivir la fiesta solemne que es el mero centro de nuestra vida de fe.


Introducción a la Liturgia de la Palabra

Nuestras lecturas de hoy se enfocan en el gran sacrificio de Jesús por amor a nosotros. La proclamación de Isaías describe al Siervo de Dios, que escucha la voz de Dios sin hacerle resistencia. San Pablo nos dice que el sacrificio de Jesús fue lo que le llevó a su glorificación y nos ganó nuestra salvación. Y en la Pasión según San Mateo el centurion romano proclama lo que Pedro no pudo decir: “Verdaderamente éste era Hijo De Dios”. Estemos hoy a la escucha y pidamos la gracia de reconocer la acción salvífica de Dios en nuestra propia vida.     


Mass Intentions

Monday, 4/14, 7:00am

For the Intentions of Steinmetz Family

by Yvonne Gatapfel

Tuesday, 4/15, 7:00am

VPrudence Rubi Andrade by Jennifer Vinci & Family

Wednesday, 4/16 7:00am

VMary Steinmetz by Stanley & Claire

Holy Thursday, 4/17, 7:00pm

No Intentions

Good Friday, 4/18, 7:00pm

No Intentions

Easter Vigil, Saturday, 4/19, 8:00pm

No Intentions

Easter Sunday, 4/20, 8:00am

For the People of the Parish

Easter Sunday, 4/20, 10:00am

VRobert Romero by Family 

VErnest Luna, Albert Gonzales & Jesus Candelaria

by Betty & John

San Antonio in Thanksgiving for Granddaughter Mia

by Jose Rodriguez

Easter Sunday, 4/20, 12:00pm

VCarlos & VFelicita Baca by Pamela Back

VPrudence Rubi Andrade by Jennifer Vinci & Family

VJimmy, VVirginia, VJohnny & VDonald Armijo

by Family

VAdolfo Frank Gonzales by Parish

For the health of Herman Santistevan by Family

Pray for the Deceased of the Parish

Erma Martinez - April 5, 2014

Mary E. Montoya – April 6, 2014

Pray for the Sick of the Parish

David & Rose Garcia, Jerry & Joann Candelaria, Herman & Sobieda Santistevan, Jenny Griego, Gene Sena, Baby Analese, Vincent Sanchez, Anthony Sedillo and John & Nancy Fishel.

Up coming Events

Blood Drive – Sunday, May 18, 2014

Parish Office Closed

The Parish office will be closed on Good Friday, April 18,

and no confessions on Saturday, April 19th.


Holy Family Easter Egg Hunt

The Youth Group is sponsoring an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday, April 20, immediately following the 10:00am Mass and also after the 12:00 noon Mass. They are asking for donations of plastic eggs and candy.  Bring donations to the parish office.

Holy Thursday Procession
Because the Good Friday liturgy does not contain a Eucharistic Prayer or consecration, sufficient hosts are consecrated on Holy Thursday to serve the people on both days. At the end of the Holy Thursday Mass, the tabernacle is left empty. All the hosts are gathered up into a large ciborium and processed to the altar of repose. Ideally this is in a location large enough for the entire community to enter, so that they can participate in the procession, be present for the conclusion of the Holy Thursday liturgy there, and spend time in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. Adoration is concluded by processing the Blessed Sacrament to a private place, such as a safe in the sacristy. A song or prayer may be part of the conclusion to adoration.

Why we celebrate One Event over Three Days

The Paschal Triduum (TRIDD-oo-um), Latin for “three days,”

Commemorates Christ’s redemptive passage through death, burial and resurrection to new life. The Church observes the Triduum as a single event made up of three distinct parts. In accordance with the custom in biblical times, each “day” begins in the evening. Each day needs the other, just imagine, for a moment. What would happen if one of the days were missing…? The First day of the Triduum, from the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on the evening of Holy Thursday through the solemn Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday, is clearly essential. So much is the death of Jesus associated with our salvation that we forget it is part of a whole event. But if Jesus had walked away from the cup the Father had given him, we would still be searching for a savior. In the silence of the tomb, the death of Jesus, the Son of God, is confirmed. He did not simply lose consciousness. He did not trick the Roman guards. Holy Saturday lets the reality of Jesus death sink in, while the Church silently prepares for Easter Vigil celebration in the evening. This waiting is a reflection of the whole Church as it awaits the coming of the Lord’s kingdom. The resurrection gives baptism its meaning, “Alleluia” its joy and the Church its hope. For the full 50 days of the Easter Season, the Church will rejoice and celebrate the wonders of these three days. 

The Triduum  

The Passover of the Lord, Three days experiences as one, during which everything is different: the liturgies we celebrate begin on Thursday evening and have no formal end or dismissal; continue through Friday; climax on Saturday evening at the Vigil; and formally conclude with Evening Prayers on Easter Sunday. The structure of our liturgies is different from any other time of year, our daily routines are disrupted; our time focuses on these events and experiences, Not to act them out again but to reflect on the Paschal Mystery (the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus) and our experience of it in our lives today. We are called to take time for prayer and reflection.

Holy Thursday Service 7:00pm – recalls the Passover meal, the Lord’s Supper. Emphasis is on the commandment of love – how do we live it today? Washing of the feet, and the Eucharist calls us to live the commandments of Jesus.

Good Friday Service 7:00pm – A day of reflection, day of trusting the Lord, day of quiet prayer, the paschal fast.

Easter Vigil 8:00pm – The greatest night of the Church’s year – a night of rejoicing and singing; we move from dark to light, word to action, baptism and confirmation to Eucharist; and rejoice that we share in the life of our risen Lord Jesus.

Easter Sunday Masses 8:00am,10:00am en Español, & 12:00pm  Rejoicing begun at the vigil and continues for 50 days until Pentecost!


Christians deny themselves many good things of creation for the sake of the greater goods of the new creation so that they can love God with an undivided heart, without their affections being dissipated and distracted in many directions. This is why Christians fast, especially during Lent and Holy Week.

CRS Rice Bowl

CRS Rice Bowl Reflection: Assisting our Neighbors 25% of contributions to CRS Rice Bowl remains in our diocese, helping to support local poverty and hunger alleviation programs. This year, our very own Immaculate Conception Church in Albuquerque is featured on the Rice Bowl, part of how the the 25% is used in our Archdiocese. We pray for people in our own community who struggle with poverty and hunger.

Preach the Word

Christ laid down his life for us and died for us on the cross, thus saving us. We cannot save others by laying down our life for them, as Christ did, but we can minister to them the salvation that Christ brought into the world by his death on the cross.

We do this through the preached word and the sacraments.

El Triduum

Jueves Santo Misa 7:00pm recuerda la cena Pascual, la cena del Señor. El énfasis es en el mandamiento del amor, ¿Cómo lo vivimos hoy? El lavatoria de los pies y la Eucaristía nos llama a vivir lo mandado por Jesús.

Viernes Santo Servicio 7:00pm La representación de la pasión, un día de reflexión, un día de confiar en el Señor, un día de oración en silencio, un día de ayuno pascual.

Vigil Pascual Misa 8:00pm  La noche más importante del calendario de la Iglesia. Una noche de regocijo y canto. Una noche donde nos trasladamos de la oscuridad a la luz, y de la palabra a la obra, del bautismo y la confirmación a la Eucaristía y nos alegramos al compartir la vida que mana de Jesús resucitado.

Holy Family Weekly Schedule

Monday, 4/14

5:30pm  Contemplative Prayer – Mary’s Chapel

6:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Halloran – Hall

7:00pm  Living the Eucharist – Parish Hall

6:30pm  No Class - Religious Education 1st – 3rd Grades 

7:00pm  Living the Eucharist – Parish Hall

7:00pm  Acts Group – 4 Way Classrooms

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Tuesday, 4/15

1:00pm  Bible Study – 4 Way Classrooms

1:00pm  Living the Eucharist – 4 Way Classrooms

6:00pm  RCIA for Children – Practice - Church

6:30pm  Adult RCIA – San Francisco Room

7:00pm  Knights of Columbus – Bro. Matthew Hall

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Wednesday, 4/16

6:00pm  Adult Children of Alcoholics / Dysfunctional

              Family Group – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

6:30pm  No Class - Religious Education 4th – 8th grades

7:00pm  Al Anon Spanish – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

Thursday, 4/17

6:30pm  Nar Anon Group – Bro. Matthew Chapel

5:00pm  Stretch & Tone with Judy – Parish Hall

6:30pm  Zumba Exercise - Parish Hall

Friday, 4/18

5:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Saturday, 4/19

10:00am Choir Ministry – Church

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Sunday, 4/20

10:00am No Class- Confirmation I

10:00am No Class Confirmation II

10:30am No Class - RCIA for Children

10:30am No Class First Eucharist

12:00pm Adult RCIA – Church 

2:30pm   Secular Franciscan – 4 Way classrooms

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Collection for April 5 & 6, 2014

Envelopes $7,577.85

Children Envelopes $217.70

St. Vincent De Paul $2,484.35

Designated $473.00

Prayer Group $249.65

Rice Bowl $55.76

Thank you for your very generous gifts to the Lord and your support for the works of our Church Family.

Easter Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

April 20, 2014

Introduction to the Liturgy of the Day

Brothers and sisters, Christ is risen! Today we rejoice that the tomb has no power over our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But this is not the end; it is only the beginning. As we hear God’s word today, and renew our baptismal promises. And pray the Eucharistic Prayer, and receive Communion, we must begin to figure out what it means for each one of us that Jesus Christ has risen in our own lives. Let us pray for the grace to begin.


Introduction to the Liturgy of the Word

An empty tomb. This is what greets Mary Magdalene and Peter and John. What does it mean? It is certainly news, but is it good news? From our perspective twenty centuries later, we know that it is indeed very good news. Yet even now, as we listen to this Easter story unfold, do we really fully understand the scripture that Jesus had to rise from the dead? As we listen attentively to God’s word, let us pray for the grace to learn what it means for us today.


Domingo De Pascua de Resurrección

20 de Abril 2014

Introducción de la Liturgia del Día

Hermanos y hermanas: ¡Cristo ha resucitado! Hoy nos alegramos de que el sepulcro no tiene poder sobre nuestro Señor y Salvador Jesucristo. Pero esto no termina aquí; esto no es más que el comienzo. Al escuchar la palabra de Dios hoy, al renovar nuestras promesas bautismales, rezar la Plegaria Eucarística y recibir la communion, hemos de comenzar a entender lo que significa la resurrección de Jesucristo en nuestra propia vida. Oremos para que comience a dársenos esa gracia.


Introducción a la Liturgia de la Palabra

Un sepulcro vacío. Esto es lo que se encuentran María Magdalena, Pedro y Juan. ¿Qué significa? Ciertamente es noticia; pero, es Buena noticia? Desde nuestra perspectiva de veinte siglos más tarde sabemos que es ciertamente muy Buena noticia. Sin embargo, aún ahora, al escuchar la historia que se va desenvolviendo en esta Pascua, ¿entendemos verdadera y plenamente las Escrituras que dicen que Jesús tenía que resucitar de entre los muertos? Al escuchar atentamente la palabra de Dios, oremos a fin de recibir la gracia de entender lo que eso significa para nosotros hoy.       


Mass Intentions

Monday, 4/21, 7:00am

VMary Steinmetz by Stanley & Claire

VFreddie Chavez by Family

Tuesday, 4/22, 7:00am

VLa Verne Hoffmeier by Lester Hoffmeier

Wednesday, 4/23, 7:00am

VDavid M. Gonzales by Gonzales Family

Thursday, 4/24, 7:00am

VAll Souls by Chavez Family

Friday, 4/25, 7:00am

San Antonio by F. Gonzales

Saturday, 4/26, 4:30pm

VRose Nunez by Bridget Kreamer & Family

VJose D. Pacheco by son, Lawrence & Darlene

VRamon & Mary Tafoya by Ismael Tafoya

VEutimio Chavez Jr. by Wife & Daughter

VFrank Angelo Gutierrez by Celine & Betty

VArculiana Muller by Family

Sunday, 4/27, 8:00am

For the People of the Parish

Sunday, 4/27, 10:00am

For the People of the Parish

Sunday, 4/27, 12:00pm

VLouisa Montoya by Art Montoya & Family

VDavid Steven Chavez by Family

VDon Elias & VGregorita Tapia &

VDiosina Mora by Family

Pray for the Deceased of the Parish

Perminio Lopez – April 9, 2014

Pray for the Sick of the Parish

Dan Milligan, Ernest Sena, David & Rose Garcia, Jerry & Joann Candelaria, Herman & Sobieda Santistevan, Gene Sena, Baby Analese, Anthony Sedillo and John & Nancy Fishel.

Up coming Events

Blood Drive – Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sacred Heart League Linen Bingo – June 22, 2014

Holy Family Fiestas – July 19 & 20, 2014

God Bless You

Congratulations to those that received their Sacraments at the Easter Vigil. Baptismal & First Eucharist: Brandon Armijo, Elora Baca, LaShaun Baca, Isaiah Chavez, Nicholas Crespin, Dominique Crespin and Beverly Romero.  First Eucharist: Stephanie Mejia, Stephen Sotelo and Mary Jane Vallejos. First Eucharist and Confirmation: Reynaldo Dominguez,

Matthew Garcia-Sierra, Brandi Martinez, Josephine Romero and  Veronica Velador.


Return Your Rice Bowl

Alleluia! During the past six weeks, our parish community has prayed, fasted and given alms with a special focus on the poorest members of our global community. Our lives were touched by stories from Kenya, Guatemala, the Philippines, Malawi, Haiti, and the United States. Through our Lenten prayers and donations, we have touched the lives of millions of people served by Catholic Relief Services, our representative to the poorest communities in the world. Please return your Rice Bowl to the Church or to the Parish Office. Thank you for your generosity.


Blood Drive

Holy Family is sponsoring a Blood Drive on Sunday, May 18, in the parish hall from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Please schedule your appointment by calling Judy Gomez at 842-5426.


Watch for the coming of the Lord

We are always to live in vigilance, watching for the coming of the Lord Jesus on the cloud of heaven with power and great glory, for this is a day that we will all see, even if we die before he comes, for on that great day the dead will be raised in their resurrection bodies to live with the Lord and all the Saints and angels forever.


Sister Maria Juan Espinosa y Sister Josefina Damian

Next weekend we will have two special visitors, Sister Maria Juan Espinosa Velázquez y Sister Josefina Damian Reyes, who are part of the Franciscan Clare Sisters of the State of Morelos in México. They will be here to seek our prayers and our financial assistance to continue with the building of their Covent in México. Due to the economic situation in México, the building of their Convent has endured many challenges. Any help that you could offer them will be truly appreciated.


Pre-Cana Class

Mission Statement: To prepare couples for a Christ-Centered marriage in the Catholic Church. Purpose: The Archdiocese of Santa Fe requires that any couple preparing for marriage fulfill a marriage preparation course prior to their wedding day. Pre- Cana is one of the courses that a couple may choose from.

Conference Agenda:  Communication in Marriage Family Issues Finances as a Married Couple Marriage as a Sacrament & a Vocation Domestic Violence, Natural Family Planning/Sexuality.

The next Class will be held at St. Jude Thaddeus Parish, which is located at: 5712 Paradise Blvd. NW Albuquerque, NM 87114. St. Jude is located approximately one mile west of Golf Course

St. Jude is approximately 1 block east of the Paradise Hills Community Center, Classes consist of all 4 dates & are held from 6:30pm to 9:30pm Upcoming Classes: May 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th 2014. Please call the St. Jude Parish Office at

505-898-0826. Anthony Delgado, Director Archdiocese of Santa Fe. The cost per couple will be $35. No children please.

Live a Good Life

In order to preach the gospel effectively we have to be living a good life ourselves, in accordance with God’s will. We should be ever discerning our faults and correcting them so that we do not become hypocrites, preaching to others, while we ourselves are going in the wrong direction.

Hire a Catholic Charities Refugee

Help a refugee on their journey to self-sufficiency in a new country. Are you a business owner seeking reliable, dedicated employees to join your team? Consider hiring a Catholic Charities Refugee.  Refugees are individuals who have fled their country of origin due to war and/or racial, religious, ethnic, and tribal persecution.  They are brave, focused, determined, and motivated to start their new and free lives in the United States. The Catholic Charities Center for Refugee Settlement and Support provides training for job readiness, on the job training, as well as continuous case management and follow up with employers.  All candidates are legally permitted to work in the United States and have a Social Security Number, Employment Authorization Document (work permit) Catholic Charities validates all legal documentation. For more information call Mandy Orta (505)331-5458 or Anna Musciotto (505)724-4681 at the Center for Refugee Settlement and Support.

Hermana Maria Juan Espinosa y Hermana Josefina Damian

El proxímo fin de semana Dos Hermanas van están con nosotros. La Hermana Sister Maria Juan Espinosa Velázquez y Sister Josefina Damian Reyes. Ellas vienen de la comunidad de las Hermanas Franciscanas del estado de Morelos en México, y están aquí para pedir nuestras oraciones y cooperación para poder continuar con la construcción de su Convento en México. Debido a la situacíon económica de México, la construcción de su Convento ha sido un gran reto para ellas. Cualqueir ayuda que ustedes puedan ofrecerles sera en verdad agradecida.

You Did It For Me

“It is hard to believe that two years have gone by and it is time to renew my DACA status,” says Robert a young adult at UNM. “Catholic Charities helped me to get the security I need to stay in school and not be deported.”  DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and although we continue to pray and wait for Immigration Reform, we can directly support young adults through the DACA program.  For more information, contact our Catholic Charities Center for Immigration and Citizenship Legal Assistance at 505-724-0442.


Tú lo hiciste por mí

“Es difícil de creer que han pasado dos años y es tiempo de renovar mi estatus DACA,” dice Robert un joven que asiste a UNM. “En Caridades Católicas me ayudaron a obtener la seguridad que necesito para quedarme en la escuela y no ser deportado.” DACA, por sus siglas en inglés, significa Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia. Y aunque continuamos orando en espera de una reforma migratoria, podemos ayudar directamente a los jóvenes a través del programa DACA.  Para más información, contacte nuestro Centro de Asistencia Legal para Inmigración y Ciudadanía de Caridades Católicas al (505) 724-0442.

Holy Family Weekly Schedule

Monday, 4/21

5:30pm  Contemplative Prayer – Mary’s Chapel

6:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Halloran – Hall

6:30pm  Religious Education 1st – 3rd Grades – Parish Hall

7:00pm  Bible Study – Office Kitchen 

7:00pm  Acts Group – 4 Way Classrooms

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Tuesday, 4/22

1:00pm  Bible Study – 4 Way Classrooms

6:30pm  Adult RCIA – San Francisco Room

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Wednesday, 4/23

6:00pm  Adult Children of Alcoholics / Dysfunctional

              Family Group – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

6:30pm  Religious Education 4th – 8th grades – Parish Hall

7:00pm  Al Anon Spanish – Bro. Matthew Halloran Hall

Thursday, 4/24

6:30pm  Nar Anon Group – Bro. Matthew Chapel

5:00pm  Stretch & Tone with Judy – Parish Hall

6:30pm  Zumba Exercise - Parish Hall

Friday, 4/25

5:00pm  Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

7:00pm  Grupo de Oración – Parish Hall

7:30pm  Alcoholicos Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Saturday, 4/26

10:00am Choir Ministry – Church

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall

Sunday, 4/27

10:00am Confirmation I – East Loft

10:00am Confirmation II – Bro. Matthew Hall

10:30am RCIA for Children – Parish Hall

10:30am First Eucharist - Parish Hall

12:00pm Adult RCIA – Church 

5:00pm   Narcotics Anon – Bro. Matthew Hall



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