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St. Leo the Great Parish
Where Foreign Mission Meets Home Mission
2573 St. Leo Place
Cincinnati, OH 45225
Phone: (513) 921-1044 Fax: (513) 921-8048
A Parish of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati OH

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Weekend:        Saturday at 6:00 PM (Spanish)

 Sunday at 10:30 AM

Weekday:        Thursday at 7:00 PM 
Thursday Adoration:      9:00 AM to noon and 8:00-9:00 PM

Friday Adoration:   4:00-6:00 PM

Confessions:    Saturdays 5:00-5:30 PM

 Or call 513-921-1044 to schedule appointment

Baptisms:   Call three weeks in advance

Weddings:   Call six months in advance


We are a welcoming Catholic Community, grounded in Eucharistic prayer,
celebrating our diversity and sharing God`s love through ministries of serving
and being present, in our urban neighborhoods, while focusing on the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

Be sure to visit our official website at:

We need you! We appreciate you! We love you!
Our needs so far exceed our own resources on many levels and we invite you to share your time, talents and treasures to be about the Lord`s work with us. Please consider making an online gift to support St. Leo`s today! Your donation is humbly and gratefully accepted.

Every single gift means everything to us!

Introducing Online Giving! 
Save paper. Save time. Make your gift work harder than ever for St. Leo the Great Church by participating in our Online Giving program.  When you give online, your gift will be transferred conveniently and securely from your bank account or credit card directly to the church.  Access your account any time you like - you are in complete control, and that`s a win-win for you and St. Leo`s. 



 It`s Easy, Safe and Secure, and there`s No Cost to you.

Many, many thanks to the young men of LaSalle High School, who delivered over 4,000 lbs. of canned and dry goods to our St. Leo the Great Food Pantry. Due to their abundant generosity, the 1,100 individuals that we serve each month will enjoy bountiful holiday dinners for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, as well as throughout the coming cold winter months.. All of us at St. Leo`s as well as our brothers and sisters in need that we serve are deeply grateful!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! We can’t thank you enough for your bountiful support of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy that we strive to carry out here at St. Leo’s. Please know that our brothers and sisters in need are truly grateful for your time, talent and treasure so generously given. May God bestow upon you all His good grace and abundant blessings. Our St. Leo the Great parish community promises to remember you and your loved ones in our private prayer, as well as in our communal prayer, which is to say that we are praying for you all the time.



 Many, many thanks to our covenant partner parish, Our Lady of Visitation, for including St. Leo’s congregation at your parish picnic at Stricker’s Grove.  Our kids were treated to the thrills of roller coasters and the sweet taste of cotton candy. They were well received and they were very thankful to Our Lady of Visitation for their kindness and incredible generosity. One parishioner summed it up the best when I thanked him and his parish for inviting us to join them this year. He said to me, “Father, you and your parish belong here just as much as I do.” It makes such a big difference for everyone when we treat each other as brothers and sisters in the Lord. Thanks to Our Lady of Visitation Parish for treating us in this way. Be assured that you are always in our prayers as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our entire St. Leo the Great Parish congregation attended Mass at Holy Family Church in Price Hill to pray for immigration reform, Sunday, September 8th:



St. Leo`s is so very thankful to the 24 Mission of Hope ministers
from St. Joseph Church in Strongsville, Ohio for the overwhelming amount of highest quality work they are performing across St. Leo`s campus.  

They have power-washed, scraped and painted gutters; washed, scraped and painted the rest rooms in our Centennial Hall, removed broken and cracked tiles and replaced them throughout the nave of our church building; determined a method and installed a means to remove heat from the confessional and directed it into the main church; repaired and painted the retaining wall that leads to our community garden, installed a small patio/prayer spot in the community garden, repaired and painted the statue overlooking the prayer spot; cleaned, scraped and painted a dozen rooms in our former convent building,; and unpacked dozens of books and organized them into a useable,working library. 

Words cannot express how much their bountiful generosity means to all of us at St. Leo`s.

St. Leo the Great Parish is so incredibly proud of two or our parish members, Alexandre Marembo and Gilbert Nzoyisaba, who just returned from Washington DC where they were one of six Red Cross groups from around the US honored for their work on a video: "Innocence to Evil." Alexandre was the editor and Gilbert, one of the staff working on it:

St. Leo the Great Parish WELCOMES the 26 members of the Mission of Hope Ministry of St. Joseph Church of Strongsville, Ohio.  The missionaries will be praying, working, eating, sleeping and playing here at St. Leo`s for the week of Sunday, July 21st through Saturday, July 27th.

The goal of the Mission of Hope (MOH) Ministry of St. Joseph Parish is two-fold: first, to seek out areas to work where a need exists either from a natural disaster or poverty; and second, to commit and respond to this need as a community of faithful believers in Jesus Christ as directed by the Holy Spirit. We, as a team of youth and adults, strive to relieve the suffering of families and individuals by the strength of our hands and hearts. This work may include cleaning, building, replacing and/or rejuvenating homes and community work. 

The Mission of Hope missionaries will be working on several projects in and around St. Leo`s campus addressing a variety of physical plant needs, including but not limited to cleaning, scraping and painting inside and out!


From the Cincinnati Enquirer, Thursday, May 23, 2013:
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Mercy Students Volunteer at St. Leo`s

Volunteer Tutors Needed! St. Leo`s is looking for a few good volunteers on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 pm until May 21st to help grade school and high school students comprehend and master areas of weakness and complete homework assignments. If you are interested, please call the office at 921-1044 or email

St. Leo`s was proud to host St. Susanna`s Youth Group for a day of prayer and reflection.

Many, many thanks to the Youth Group at St. John the Evangelist, West Chester for the beautiful hand-made fleece blankets given to St. Leo`s most senior members.

One of St. Leo the Great`s parish members from Burundi, Africa, and a student at St. Boniface Grade School, was honored to serve for Archbishop Schnurr at the 2013 Catholic Schools Week mass.

Many, many thanks to our many benefactors, friends, volunteers, partner parishes whose bountiful generosity made a truly wonderful Christmas for all of our brothers and sisters in need that we serve here at St. Leo the Great Parish. Thank you for opening your hearts!

Many, many thanks to all the good folks
at St. Ignatius Loyola Parish, Our Lady of the Visitation Parish, and the many individuals who contributed so very many wonderful items to St. Leo`s annual Toy and Clothing Sale, which provides our brothers and sisters in need, not only wonderful Christmas gifts, but also the incredible gift of dignity that comes with the ability to purchase Christmas presents for their own families.

Many, many thanks
to Bishop Binzer for presiding at our 125th Anniversary Closing Celebration and kicking off our next 125 years!


Josiane Ndayishimiye, Aimable Niyongabo, Mawo Idrisa, Elias Nzirubusa, Jacques Hatungimana, Liliane Nschimirimana, Janvier Musavyimana, and Pascasia Irakoze.


Mawo Idrisa (2 awards), Venyette Harumukiza (2 awards), Evangeline Ndayiziga (2 awards), Belice Niyukuri, Jacques Hatungimana (2 awards), Pascasia Irakoze (2 awards), Adela Irumva, Josiane Ndayishimiye, Elias Nzirubusa, Liliane Nschimirimana (2 awards), Janvier Musavyimana (2 awards), and Vanessa Uwineza.

St. Leo`s old parking lot becomes new again! 
Many, many thanks for our anonymous donor who the donated repairs, repaving and repainting of St. Leo`s parking lot.  All of us at St. Leo’s, as well as the many guests we serve, are deeply grateful for your kindness. May our gracious God fill you with every blessing.

Many, many thanks to all who supported St. Leo`s Food Pantry by supporting the FreeStore FoodBank Hunger Walk 2012. We are most blessed by your generous efforts in helping us help our brothers and sisters in need. As you practice with us the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, God’s word is spoken and the presence of the risen one is in our midst. All of us at St. Leo’s, as well as the many guests we serve, are deeply grateful for your kindness. May our gracious God fill you with every blessing.

Held every Monday at 7:00 pm.
 We teach English to Spanish and Burundi speaking students, but welcome all interested in learning English. We can always use English Speakers to help students practice.  Free!

BURUNDI MINISTRY:  Contact Parish Office

HISPANIC MINISTRY:  Contact Parish Office

Phone number to access services information: 513.921.1044

Please consider remembering St. Leo the Great Church in your will.  It`s an easy and convenient way to give a significant gift to your parish.  You can designate a specific amount or a percentage of your estate to benefit St. Leo the Great Church.

Parish Wish List
Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Mats
Replace Centennial Hall Doors
, $2,500-$3,000.
Repair Pieta and other statues (statuary work & paint)
Gifts Cards to Oriental Trading Co. for supplies for Children`s Liturgy of the Word
Funding for construction of breakout rooms in the back of the church.
Auto Maintenance assistance for our Burundi families.

Please contact the Parish Office at 921-1044 if you, or someone you know might be able to help with any of the items on our wish list.

Many, many thanks to the donor who covered the cost of new tires for all three of our vans. This gift was sorely needed and is most appreciated!

Many, many thanks also to the dealer who agreed to give us a discounted price so we can invest in the best, longest lasting tires possible!

Many, many thanks to the donor who brought us a box full of long-handled spoons, spatulas and tongs, just in time for our 125th Anniversary Closing celebration!

Volunteers Needed at the St. Leo Food Pantry.  Regular hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 1pm to 4pm.  Normally closed on the first 8 days of the month. Call about special holiday and seasonal hours.  To volunteer, please call 513-921-1044.




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