Stiefvater Real Estate, Inc.

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303 Wolfs Ln
Pelham, NY 10803
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Marilyn Miller Stiefvator

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Weekdays:  9 AM- 4:30 PM

WeekEnds:  10 AM- 4:30PM

By Appointment: Ph: 914-738-1133, Fax: 914-738-2431 

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About Stiefvater Real Estate, Inc.

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STIEFVATER anchors downtown Pelham in its 1874 Victorian building at 303 Wolfs Lane. We're a premiere real estate firm with 40 successful years in this lovely, historic town. Stiefvater Real Estate  REALLY knows The Pelhams...a unique, boutique firm with a deep committ- to the community. For renting or buying, we WILL help you!


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