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Rev. James Kirby

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Saturday: 4:30 pm

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Tuesday: 9:00 am

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You Did It for Me

Brenda,* a pretty, petite, 21-year-old, was homeless, pregnant and scared when she turned to a Catholic Charities crisis maternity program. Her father was a drug-dealer, and her mother used drugs and struggled with mental illness. Brenda picked up on the drugs and eventually ended up on the streets. Hitting bottom, she reached out to Catholic Charities. “This was my second chance. I didn’t know how to be an adult, but Catholic Charities gave me the structure I needed.” Brenda completed the program, found a job, and now lives with her daughter in an apartment. She says she wants to pass on the blessings to her child.

In 2015, Catholic Charities agencies provided pregnancy and parenting services to 79,359 adults.

To learn more, visit www.CatholicCharitiesUSA.org

*Name changed to protect privacy