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Leeann Norton
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5 Stars
By Visitor 123
Good honest company. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Satisfied.
5 Stars
By Visitor
Shanes Drains came out today to clean outt a sewer backup and did a great job. I have used them numerous times for rental properties and always receive fast (usually less than 90 min) service and two experienced people who know what they are doing. I have read other negative feedback on the company and without denying the person of their experience I must say the following. I've been in customer service for 25 years plus, and if you rely on other people to provide services for you, over time, you will eventually have a negative experience. Ask any millionaire if every day was a great day. Welcome to life! Every professional has an off day or even a bad one. These people have lives too. I like Shane's Drains because the price is lower than most and they respond quickly and they have the experience. They showed up last week to clean out a main drain for me and quickly diagnosed a loose fernco that I had failed to tighten. I was happy to pay for the service call. I work for a local utility and talk to customers daily that pay AB May $400-$1200 to replace a twenty-four inch piece of drain or $12 vent to a water heater. When I employ a company I choose not to call the big ad. In doing so I would be paying for the service person's time, the shop overhead, and last but NOT least, the owner's profit! I try to call sole Proprietors who are working for their own business. Ever taken a car back to Jiffy Lube after an oil change because the kids stripped your drain plug and confronted them about it? And all you get is denial and a dumb look. If you need a smile or a personality go buy a teddy bear, call Shane's Drains and save $250.
1 Star
By Visitor
Let me 1st say 4 or 5 yrs ago shane's drane came to my residence and cleaned my sewer as advertised and even accepted a $10 coupon from his ad. Job done and satisfied. This year i had a rental property that i called them to come and service. 1st thing is the two guys that came out were very unsociable and would not even barely make eye contact or talk. I felt they were both very odd and who knows maybe induced. it was in the evening and maybe they were in a rush. the guy who snaked the drain seemed very rough with the snake and impatient. Eventually the snake broke. They charged me the ful amount and my line remained clogged and they informed me my line was probably collapsed. They called a lady at the office who told me the problem was probably the line collapsed and she was willing to set me up with a guy they know at a cheaper than normal rate of approx. $1500 and camera the line at their expense. I never felt that was the problem. i had a friend refer a plumber to me who came out and immedately stated to me...kool you have a outside trap....unfortunately he could go in that way. He then said i will have to go through the drain through the inside in the basement and people have to be careful when they go in this way because you can break your snake. He never said anything that shane drain stated and he cleaned my line out perfect without any issues and that was 5 months ago and the line is totally free. I never said anything to him about another plumber just so he wouldn't be bias. I feel as though shane drain was lazy and attempted to hustle me big time. I will never reference them and all people should beware of the lack of proffesionalism provided by this company!