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505 N La Canada Dr
Green Valley, AZ 85614
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Rev. Francisco Maldonado

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Saturday: 8:00 am

Saturday: 4:00 pm

Sunday: 7:00 am

Sunday: 9:00 am

Sunday: 11:00 am

Sunday: 1:00 pm
Second Sunday of the Month

Sunday: 4:00 pm
From first Sunday after Labor Day through last Sunday in May each year


Monday: 8:00 am

Tuesday: 8:00 am

Wednesday: 8:00 am

Thursday: 8:00 am

Friday: 8:00 am

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“We, the parish community of Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and nourished by the Holy Eucharist, are a community of faith.

We invite all God’s people to celebrate His love through participation in liturgy, prayer, service and fellowship.

We are committed to ongoing faith formation for people of all ages.

We value the diverse gifts we have been given and freely share our time, talent, and treasure to minister to the needs of all God’s people.”

You Did It for Me

English Version
The “dry corridor” extends through parts of Central America including Guatemala. With the warming El Nino winds last year, more farmers were left with smaller harvests. Not only that, the warmer temperatures made it easy for a fungal disease known as coffee leaf rust to kill crops. Thanks to Catholic Relief Services’ support, farmers are moving crops up the mountain for cooler temperatures and learning new ways of combatting the fungus on their crops.

Learn more at: crs.org/you-did-it-for-me

Spanish Version
El “corredor seco” se extiende a través de partes de Centroamérica, incluyendo Guatemala. Con los vientos más calientes de El Niño el año pasado, más agricultores se quedaron con cosechas más pequeñas. No sólo eso, las temperaturas más cálidas permitieron que una enfermedad fúngica conocida como la roya del café matara a los cultivos. Gracias al apoyo de Catholic Relief Services, los agricultores están moviendo los cultivos hacia arriba en la montaña para las temperaturas más frías y aprendiendo nuevas formas de combatir el hongo en sus cultivos.

Para obtener más información visite: crs.org/you-did-it-for-me (en inglés).