Murphy's Mule Barn Restaurant

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9700 2nd St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
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Sonny Rylant
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Attached please find copy of my receipt for our visit to your restaurant June 2, 2013.
I paid 45.45 for the meal and 15.00 tip split between three bus-boys who actually waited our table. THAT is a 33% Tip. I made sure to walk the restaurant after the meal to had each bus-boy a$5.00 bill and thank them for their assistance to our table. When the first came over, AFTER the register person talked to them while people waited in line to pay, this bus-boy actually said, 'It appears your waitress is busy, so I came to see if I can take your order'. There were empty tables in our section, and people setting down that your waitress could take care of. We are quite, we are polite!

I realize that just one visit is not enough to base an opinion on. The first two times I complained at your register while paying and all I am told is; 'Don't leave a tip. That will teach them.' Actions speak louder than words! The waitress NEVER came to our table. Oh, she visited and took care of other tables around us, but NEVER came to our table at all. We had to complain to the person running the register, she had to leave the line of people she was taking payments from to get anyone to take care of our table. The waitress made sure to wait on the EMTs that came in after we did, and the other tables around us but NEVER on our table at all. Since this is the third time this type of thing has happened ACTIONS speak Louder than Words. And what is the criteria used by your wait staff to decide who is 'worthy' to be waited on and who is not? Sometimes we are shown we are worth very poor service and this time we were not even worth your waitress time at all. By actions, I take this as intentional and direct discrimination, and your restaurant does not even take responsibility for how your wait staff handle your customers but, OH our money good enough to take in payment! The waitress was heavy set, had a large silver hair clip and pink hair tie in her brown hair. But we were NEVER worth her time, and you had NO problem with taking our payment.
I thank your three bus-boys who waited on our table, taking time from their assigned sections to wait on our table, together they shared in a 33% tip. I Should not thank your restaurant for showing us by action that we are only 'side work' when we come in but we are also worth charging 100% of the bill when it comes! I can understand slow when it is busy, but this was in-excusable.